2011-12-22 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

December 12, 2011

Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to FM 3403 approx 2 miles off Hwy 77 to put up cows that were out on the road. He was able to run them back into a pasture.

A resident on CR 333 called and requested a deputy meet him on his property. Deputy Rudolph responded to the call and took a theft report.

A caller reported that her vehicle had been stolen from her residence on CR 226. Deputy Allen and Deputy Khan took the report. Investigation revealed that the vehicle was taken by her husband.

A motorist reported that a female was standing in the middle of the roadway on FM 141 near FM 1697. Deputy Khan located the female and transported her to the Sheriff’s Office so MHMR could conduct an evaluation. She was transported to Austin State Hospital.

December 13, 2011

An oilfield employee called and reported that he had spilled some chemicals on himself. Giddings Fire Department and B& M Ambulance responded. The worker was transported to a hospital by a co-worker.

Captain Gonzales assisted CPS with a reported child abuse case. Investigation continues on the case at this time.

Deputy Skinner was dispatched to Hwy 290 West near Paige after several motorists reported several goats out on the highway.

A caller reported loose livestock on CR 226 in front of the golf course. Deputy Ray and Deputy Ayers responded and reported that the owner of the cattle was on scene.

A complainant on CR 118 reported that the train was blocking the crossing. Caller requested that a deputy have them break up the train so his workers could get through. Deputy Skinner advised that the train was having mechanical issues and they were working on the problem.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Ayers spoke to a complainant who reported that someone had shaved his sister’s dog. A report was taken.

Chief Deputy Lapham spoke to a complainant at Town & Country who reported that she had problems with her neighbors because of their dogs running loose and their children are left unattended. A report was taken and investigation continues at this time.

December 14, 2011

A motorist reported two females were standing on the side of Highway 21 near the Burleson County line. Deputy Allen located the vehicle which was broken down. He was able to get the vehicle running again.

Deputy Skinner was dispatched to CR 415 E in Lexington after a caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the area. The vehicle was located and it belonged to a neighbor. Everything was fine.

A caller reported that an 18- wheeler was blocking the inside lane of traffic in the middle of a curve on Hwy 77 South. Deputy Khan located the driver who advised that he had a tire blow out and had help on the way.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 hang up call from a residence on CR 308 in Lexington. Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to the house and spoke to the home owner who advised he was having phone problems. Everything was ok.

Deputy York spoke to a complainant on PR 6020 who reported someone had damaged his truck. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to FM 1697 to put up cows near the Nails Creek Bridge.

The Sheriff ’s Office was contacted by St. Marks Hospital in La Grange. They needed an emergency message delivered to an address in Lexington that their son had been taken to the hospital. Deputy Crockett delivered the message.

A complainant in Lexington reported that a high school student spray painted her yard and trees and agreed to clean it up, but had not. Deputy Carvin spoke to the complainant and a report was taken. Charges are in the process of being filed at this time.

Deputy Carvin spoke to a complainant on CR 307 in Lexington and took a report for theft. Someone took testing equipment out of his vehicle.

December 15, 2011

Giddings Police Department requested assistance in locating a vehicle that was possibly involved in a drive by shooting in town. Deputy Carvin attempted to locate any vehicles matching the description given.

A tenant at Westwood Villa Apartments reported that someone was playing their music really loud. Deputy Liles and Deputy Ayers drove through the apartments, but did not hear anything.

Deputy Crockett took a report from a resident regarding illegal dumping of trash on CR 317 @ CR 318.

Deputy York spoke to a complainant that came to the Sheriff ’s Office regarding terroristic threat.

A caller reported that she was afraid that her ex-husband was following her and she did not want him to know where she lives. Deputy Carvin advised her to stop somewhere and he would escort her home.

December 16, 2011

A motorist reported that a gray older model Chevrolet vehicle was driving recklessly on FM 619 without any lights on and swerving. Deputy Crockett searched the area.

Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to Hwy 77, approx 2 miles north of the Giddings High School, to check on a vehicle that was abandoned on the side of the road. The vehicle was located but reported to be secure and off the roadway.

The Sheriff’s Office received a burglar alarm at a residence on CR 226. Deputy Rudolph responded to the scene and advised the bug exterminator was on scene and was treating the home.

A motorist reported that there was a hay hauler blocking the outer northbound lane of traffic on Hwy 77. The driver was trying to change a flat and people were braking to avoid hitting him. Deputy Rudolph was dispatched and remained on scene for traffic control.

Deputy Khan assisted with a civil stand by on PR 8033. A caller wanted to gather her belongings and leave, but she was afraid there may be a problem.

A male subject called in and reported that he was depressed and needed to be evaluated by MHMR. Deputy Allen gave the subject a ride to the Sheriff’s Office and MHMR evaluated him and released him.

Deputy Skinner was dispatched to a residence on CR 231 after a caller reported that a subject was arguing with everyone and refused to leave. Deputy Skinner advised that the subject had left prior to his arrival.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Skinner spoke to a complainant that reported that her sister used her vehicle that morning and had not returned it. A report was taken.

December 17, 2011

ADT reported a burglar alarm at a residence in Dime Box. Deputy Ray and Deputy Rudolph responded and checked the residence and found it secure.

A complainant reported that her dog was attacked by a pit bull that has been running loose. Deputy Rudolph spoke with both parties and the problem was taken care of.

Deputy Allen was dispatched to CR 327 to look for a suspicious vehicle in the area. The vehicle was described as a jeep occupied by a male subject. The vehicle had left the area prior to arrival.

A caller reported suspicious activity at his residence on Rockdale St in Lexington. Deputy Khan met with the complainant and took the information.

Deputy Allen was dispatched to Hwy 77 at the Nail’s Creek Bridge to put up loose livestock.

December 18, 2011

Deputy Ray was dispatched to Hwy 77 North after several motorists reported cows out on the highway just north of the Giddings High School.

A motorist reported that cows were out on the highway on Hwy 290 West near CR 203. Deputy Ray ran them off the roadway.

A caller reported that there was a large dead deer in the road on FM 112 between CR 316 and CR 336. Deputy Allen located it and removed it.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a concerned parent. She reported that her daughter and husband have split up and her daughter was very upset. Subject was given a courtesy ride to the office and MHMR was called to evaluate her. She was cleared to go back home with her parents.


Jail Count 12/18/2011: 41 Males: 36 Females: 5

This time of year additional traffic will be on the highways. Use extreme care when driving and remember to buckle up. The staff of the Lee County Sheriffs Office would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.




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