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Just a Thought.......

Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer Something to think about.

If the Christmas Angels had come to Lexington, they would have had to stop by the house.

Cattlemen, unlike Shepherds, do not spend their time “watching their flocks by night”.

But I believe they would visit us. Remember, their whole purpose was to bring a word of good news to the less fortunate. Those shepherds qualified in spades.

The elite looked down on them. They were considered outcasts, unclean and untrustworthy. People avoided them for fear of being contaminated. On top of all that, they had to battle the forces of nature, and the wild animals that would decimate their flocks.

Come to think of it, with apologies ahead of time, those folk sound much like Texas rednecks. But hear me out.

Hasn’t this recent drought cast many into the realm of the unfortunate, the suddenly poor and struggling? Aren’t we, like those first century animal caretakers, desperately in need of a good word?

Yes. And the word from above is “be not afraid”. Translation for modern times: Chill. Interpretation from the old folks don’t get your innards in an uproar.

God has not forgotten the least of His people. “A great joy” has come in person. A man named Jesus who declares that all are valuable in God’s sight.

Therefore, we are right to feed the hungry and provide shelter to those who are cold and gifts to children who might otherwise be without. We are not only correct in doing so, we are part of the very work of God.

It’s just a thought, but I believe it is the essence of Christmas. You have a blessed one.

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