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Santa Letters

More Letters from Lexington Elementary Second Grade Students


Dear Santa, You are the best Santa Claus. Santa, I love you are the best my family. Is rede for Christmas it is the best of the year. I love Christmas it is the best you are my faveret Santa you to Mrs. Claus and the snow looks pretty I like December it is fun I want a pesop for Christmas is Rudolph doing good Santa Claus you are the Best and my family to you are all the best We are doing good and my dogs to they are the best I lik Ruddphs red nose it is pretty Abimael

Dear Santa, I would love cute baby clothes. I hve been good and so has my sister. My mom whants a computer. My dad whants a new deer stand. My sister whants triplets. I might get my nana a picture frame or a new table for her kitchen. I have no idea what my papa whants. He is always cold so I think I am going to get him a jaket and mittens. Could you help me a bit with my aunt, please my aunt JenJen. I do not know what to get her, but I realy do not know what to get my Uncle Babu. He does all sorts of stuff like Glide 25 feet abuve a river across a rope and can I have a reindeer? Love, Emery

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Hi Santa. Will you come to my house? I waint to ask you something. Please can you give me something for Christmas? I want a chapter book for Christmas. And I waint a teddy bear, too. Sincerely, Brenda Solorio

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus, How are you doing? How are your reindeer doing today? My elf Goody is a prett elf. I am so happy you ar coming Santa. You and Mrs. Claus are sweet. I love you Santa. I will leave some cookies and milk for you. Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Alaya McKinely

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? Is Mrs. Claus doing well? I hope you have a safe trip. Please will you bring me a pair of shoes, a new bed and a gingerbread book and an ipad. Sincerely, Mackenzie Foley

Dear Mr. Santa, Are the elves being good? I hope they are. Are you coming to town? Is it cold out there. Is it snowing? I like the snow. I want a wii for Christmas please. Sincerely, Angelina Pachicano

Dear Santa, Merry Christmas! How are the reindeer and the elves? I like the elves! For Christmas, I would please like a wii with two controllers. For my next gift I would like the game Dance Central Three. Sincerely, Vanessa Ortega

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus, How are you doing? I am doing well. How are you doing to get to chose which raindeer to pull your sleigh? Is Mrs. Cluas coming too? Is Rudolf living in the house with you? Santa Claus, can I ask you a favor? Can you chose for me what you thingk is bast for a present for this year? Do you know that I don’t celibrate Christmas? I would like you to convice my parents to take us out to the movis for this Christmas. Thank you for taking your time to read this leter. Mery Chistmas, Kylee Hazard

Dear Santa, Did anybody shoot the reindeer yet? I hope they didn’t. When did you get the reindeer? What I want four Christmas is a little four wheeler, a Nintendow 3DS, and lo little monster trucks. Sincerely, Colby Wagner

Dear Santa, Is it true you have a son named Arthur? What does he like to do? How old is he? What is his favorite color? Is it green or red? How tall is he? How is Mrs. Claus? Dose Rudolph have kids? Did you see when Dave mest up the tree? How old are you? Do you whant to hear my Christmas list her it is. A Barbie doll house, A puppy, A pink ipod, A sowing mshean, Some new fabrek, some thred, And gliter a bunch, sekwens moltycolor, Starkley Krtins that are pink, and pink Amarcin girl clothes. Love, Hayden

Dear Santa, I wonder how the elves and the reindeer are? I hope you love this note. Santa do you want to hear my note? Here I go. I want a x-box, a puppy, a lago ninlogu. I will leave santa cookies and milk. I hope I am on the good list. I have been good. Love, Lance

Dear Santa, How are you doing today? Is your faverat color red or green? How are your reindeer? How are the elfs? I want a X-box, horse, My Dad, David, to come home for a week and to pet Rudolph for Christmas. Is Rudolph maeread or not? Send me a letter please. Thank You. Love, Luke

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus, How is Mrs. Claus? It is going to be cold so please make it to my house. And please could I have a guitar, DSI, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. How are your reindeer and elves? Are you going down my chimney on Christmas? Merry Christmas, Hailey Martinez

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus, How is Mrs. Claus? Is it cold at the North Pole? How are the reindeer? Is it cold inside your house? Please can I have a family picture if the whole family, Victoria vsb Movie and a walking dog. Merry Christmas, Zeaonna Wallace

Dear Santa, Please may I have a monster high doll, a stuffed hellow kitty doll, Victorious doll that sings and a puppy. How are the reindeer? What is the weather like at the North Pole? Am I on the naughty or nice list? Merry Christmas, Aubrey McNair

Dear Santa, Hi! I’ve been missing you. How are you doing with your elves? Are they wrapping presents? How is Trevor doing at the North Pole? Can you send a leter to me and tell me if he is doing his work, ok. How is Mrs. Claus doing? Is she working with you? I want can see your reindeer? I hope he is good. I wuldlikeaIphoneandanewdogandaDSIanda wii and I want a Ipad. Thank you, Katelyn Pillack

Dear Santa Claus, Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus. I hope you can make it to town on Christmas. Your elves must be good helpers. What I want for Christmas a lot is a big stuffed pig. What I wonder is how do your reindeer fly? I think it is magic. Your friend, Allison Schneider

Dear Santa, How do you get down the chimney? Can I please have a Nintendo DS and a xbox 360? How is Cupid, Donner and Blitzen? Sincerely, Christian Supinsky

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? Are you going to make it? How many kids are on the good list? How is Mrs. Claus? How are the elves making the toys? Merry Christmas, Evan Patschke

Dear Santa, Is Rudolph’s nose still bright? Thanks for all the hard work. How is Mrs. Claus? I’ve been thinking about getting a three D DS or an ipod. Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Kenneth Pelham

More Letters from Lexington Elementary Second Grade Students


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Santa, I want a house when I get older. Will you bild me one? I want it big. How is Mrs. Claus doing? For Christmas I want my two front teeth. How is you ride? Is it good? How are your reindeer? How are you doing? Goodbye, Miranda Komandosky

Dear Santa Claus, How is Rudolph this Christmas? I would like a chocolate lab for Christmas. I would like to be with my family for Christmas. I hope you don’t get too cold. Sincerely, Sheldon Springer

Dear Santa, Let me ask an important question. What do you want for Christmas? Or do you want us to smile? Is that your present? Can you please give me an Xbox 360 game. Sincerely, Robert Lopez

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Haw’s your family? How are the reindeer fliying? How’s the sleigh? How are you doing? Am I on the naughty list or nice list? How are the reindeer? Merry Christmas, Coolton Faske

Mr. Santa Claus, How are the Reindeer? Are they cold when they do the ride? How is Mrs. Claus? How is the ride are you cold on the ride? Please I wold like a Nindo DS and that’s all. Sincerely, Delaney Goodson

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer doing? The weather is goind to be cold. Please cam you bring a Zomby Set please, Ipod, and a four-wheeler. Merry Christmas, Kason Bayer

Dear Santa, I want a for wheel and a go cart minmoebsied and a sklaid merry Christmas I hope you have a good slai ride. Love, Devin

Dear Santa and Mrs. C. How do you check the list and check it twice? How can you do so much in one night? I’m ready for Christmas, are you to. Probly you are reddy for Christmas. Sincerely, Abby Nicole Ruemke

Dear Santa, I am so excited. I want a horse please. Happy Christmas. Love, Skylar

Dear Mr. C, It’s almost Christmas and I am excited. You do not have to give me anything. But if you do I would like a voice lock journa, wii, a game for wii and maybe a doodle bear. And a surise. Love, Avery

Dear Santa, I hop you are having fun getting ready. I want a hunting wii, football wii, a morio wii, and a racecar wii game and a new helicopter. Love, Logan M.

Dear St. Nichoals, I am very excited because Chistmas is almost here. For Chistmas I want a Dsi, super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. Are the reindeer ok? If they aren’t, help them get well. Love, Spencer

Dear Santa, I want an ipod and I want an moster beehive. I want an brand new phone. Are the elves are the reindeer ok? Love, Jinx

Dear Santa, I hope you are I having fun building toys. I have a lot of cookies and milk for you. Merry Christmas! Love, Kylee C.

Dear Santa, How do you get presents to all the boys and girls in one night? I want a des and a lego pirate chip. Do you really live in the North pole Santa. Does Rudolph relly exsist Sincerely, Bryon

Dear Santa, It is almost Christmas and I am really really excited. How are your reindeer? I hope you come on Christmas night. I can not wait for Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas! Love, Kyelee

Dear Santa, I only wanted these two things and I wish you could get at least one of them. If you could get it I would like the Airhogs video camera jet. And hopefully if you could get me a puppy that would be great. Sicerely, Levi

Dear Santa, I hope your having a great time. I have been a good boy. I want a A&M football helmit and a new helicopter. Have a Merry Christmas. Love, John

Dear Santa, I hope you are having a good time getting ready for Chrismas. So Santa I want a four wheeler because I don’t have something to ride down to the deer stand. That is all I want. Love, Jacob

Dear Santa, I would like a brand new dvd player and a movie called Rattowey. I really like your reindeer Rudolph. Love, Mia

Dear Santa, It is almost Christmas and I am excited. I hope you come on Christmas Eve night. And I hope you give me a lot of presents. I can’t wait until Christmas day. Merry Christmas. Love, Kaden

Dear Santa, I was very good this year. I would like a video camera and new clothes. I am going to Houston for Christmas to see my nanna and brother. Love, Jessica

Dear Santa, I want a PSP game called Grand theft auto and a PSP and I want a remote control tank with a bullet and the bullet blows up! Love, Logan Barnikow

Dear Santa, Could you pease give me all the lego starwars sets please? Are you ready for Chrismas? Mery Christmas! Sincerely, Gabriel

Dear Santa, I have been a good boy all year. I would like some legos, a Scooby Doo movie and a sword this year for Christmas. Thank You, Tim Griffith

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