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Santa Letters

Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs. Claus? I would like a computer, a picture of you and Rudolph, a toy puppy, games to play, a movie, Monster High Dolls. Also, please bring Snoopy and Bender a squeaky dog toy. I would like a big truck to drive around the yard. We will leave you some cookies and milk by our Christmas trees. Merry Christmas, Alaya Karris McKinley

Dear Santa, How are you? For Christmas I hope you bring me a Barbie Dream House, a movie, a car to drive and games to play and a Monster High Doll. Tell Rudolph to look for the Reindeer feed in my yard.

Love, Savanna McKinley

Dear Santa, I hope you are doing good. For Christmas I would like a movie and player for the car, a puppy, a game to play with Mommy and Stuart, a Monster High Doll. Please bring my baby sister, Harleigh, toys to play with and China would like a dog toy. We will leave a snack for you and Rudolph. Love, Allison Crow

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Letters to Santa from Mrs. Wrinkle’s First Grade Class

Dear Santa, How ar you? For Crismis may I ples hav a sliping bag and a play hors and a pritiy book, and a DS, and a DSI, and a Satna hat and a play tree. Love, Genevieve Eberz

Dear Santu, How is Mes Clos? I wint a DSI-3D, Xbox 360, a lemo, a rell football. How is wrdoff? I wunt to see you! How are you? How are your randeer? I love you, Garret Schneider

Dear Santa, I like you raindar. I want a DSi SL, pokamon squirtle game, an Ipod and a montrchuck. Love, Jase Easley

Dear Santa, I wut a telueyn. I wut a sisities, and I wut a drother. I wut a DSi. Luf, Curtis McFarlin

Dear Santa, How are you? I want a brbehos, a limo, a DSi, and a moxegrw. I want to see my dad. Love, Alexis Araujo

Dear Satu, How is your rander? I want ten dogs and a snack in a cage. How is Mes Clos? I want a DSi and games. Luv, Kayden Heine

Dear Sata, How is Miss Sata? I want a bike, a DSI, a pupey, and a Ipod. I blev in you! Love, Gracy Jourden

Dear Sante, Haw are your ranedeer? I wut a Ipod, and a brbidall house… a big one, and a mackup bag. I wut a moreobulrs gams. Tele Rodof hi! I can’t wat to see you. Love, Maci Biehle

Dear Santy, How are you? I whud lic a cowgirl shert and pants, hat boots, also paynt, DSi 3D, and doll. I can’t wat to see you. Love, Abigail Briles

Dear Satu, I lick yor radizs. I wut a map, dog, casll, and corr. Rudf I lick you. I love you! Love, Caleb Partee

Dear Sanab, I like yr alfs. I wut a bick, a DSI, and a fon. I wut a hat. Imis you. Love, Xariyah Little-Pettus

Dear Santu, How are you? I blev in you! I like a pony, and a babay bruthr, DSi games, and a snoglow. Love, Alexis Smothermon

Dear Santa, How are your ran deer? For Crismis this year, I want a drem casal and a calico critrs hos, and teacup pigey, and a baby sistr. Love, Emma Smith

Dear Sata, How is Mis Sata? I wove puppy, a dog, a bik, and a DSi 3D. Love, Alyssa Lara-Saldana

Dear Santa, How are you? I wouald like poneeue, an a Santa hat, also a Ipod, and nutcracker. I love you! Love, Zoe Pouncey

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? I wold like anutcrakr, and a toy drgin, and a toy elulf, and a toy Santa. Thaks Santa! I bleuvu in you Santa! Love, Jamiee Dodd

Dear Santa, Haw is Mis Clos? I wut a marckin doll, and a DSi 3D, and chocklit mune, and a dip in doss. I belevin you! Love, Bridgett Grady

Dear Senta, I lick yuour randeer! I wunt a thrampoline, and a gumboll mten, a bick, and munke. Love, Jesse Wilhite

Dear Sanda, How is roodoff? I wut a DSI 3D, and kawboys and idiins, and a seven radin and three efs. Love, Dylan McManus

Dear Santa, How are you? I want a DSI, a Halo, Xbox 360, and games. Loves, James Violes

Letters to Santa from LES Second Graders

Dear Santa, I have been very busy this year but I wonder what it is like to be at the North Pole. So anyway, I would like battle of the sarloc pit and lego jobba sail barg. Aidon

Dear Santa, Are you and the elves doing good? Are they listening to you? How is Rudoph doing? Can I meet prancer, dancer, comic, Blitson, Dixson, Cupid, Fixen, Doner and Rudoph? Can I have a hot tub, a Ipad, and a orbies soothing spa. I hope you have a safe trip. Savanna Robertson

Dear Santa, How are you and the elves and the raindeers and are the elfs missing JR and do you like giving presents to kids and can I have a Ipad and a pool and a comprter plese and Merry Christmas. Love, XXXOOOXXXOO Aggie Roberts

Dear Santa, How do you do gown chimneys? How are Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Prancer, and Vixen? Merry Christmas. I am going to leave you something good to eat and drink. Do you like hot chocolate? Parfume, Phone, Ipod, dsi, make-up, hamsture, teacher stuff, demonstration clock, I am so excited I have a lot of Christmas partys this week. My sister is two she is going to ride my bus because my mom and dad have a Christmas party so we are going over to her house. Love, Abigail

More Letters from Lexington Elementary Second Grade Students

Dear Santa, How have you been this year? I have been very good this year. I have a new baby God brother. His name is Jurian. The whole class loves Junior as much as you. How is Rudolph doing? How is ther rest of the reindeer doing? This year I would like a new xbox, phone, and nikes, pool, shorts. I hope you have a safe trip. Ashunti

Dear Santa, How have you been this year? Am I on th good list or on the bad list. I love the reindeer and you? I hope you have a safe trip. I want to ride in your sleigh? In the morning we always find him. I love him. I would like an elf a Ipod and a compuebr. Ashley

Dear Santa, Are the elfs being good making toys? I have a good teacher this year. I had a lot of frends. I wanted a blizird maker and a stuffed bear too and a champion toy. Love, Mangan

Dear Santa, How have you been this year. I have been very good. I have a new puppy. It is named lady. It likes to chow. It is a good puppy. My puppy is a lot of fun. We get to let it in the house sometime but since my dad came hoe, it can’t come in the house because it had flees. I have a roghball bog It is nice It does not bite what I want for christams is a psp, ads and some droroy and sweet makeremshing. Love, Ky’Andrea

Dear Santa, How is rudoleh. Have you been making a lot of toys. I have been good. My mom is very tired. My brouther has been good too. The cars aren’t working. Aan we have to live in a camper. And we love my mom. And my mom is working ahrd. We put the Christmas tree up. And it was fun. My stepsitters are as cute as a pengwin. I hope I am going to have a good Christmas so do you. I want a IPad and a fane and some furr boots. Kassidy

Dear Santa, How have you been? Are the reindeer swell? I’m almost 8. Be safe. I want a dsi a little kase full of pokeman cards and sevin Pokemon games for the dsi. Logan

Dear Santa, You are the best. You are cool. I want snivy the stuff pokemon. I want a wonderful holiday. Have a wonderful day. I have the best family. I want a elf Please. I have a wonderful. Brady

Dear Santa, How is Rudolf doing? How are you doing/ I want a bike. JR is Happy. I hope Rudolph is happy. Matthew

Dear Santa, How are you doing at the North Pole?! I have been very busy with Mrs. Wolf. I’m enjoying Junior being in our class. I liked the busy year! I want stormer, Raw Jaws and Nex for Christmas. Merry Christmas, Santa! Crystal

Dear Santa, How are you dowing how are your rnders dowing aer the eves missing Jr. I wot for Christmas a transtormr and a dot bik ridr and a mah toy. Joshow

Dear Santa, How are the elves. I hope Rudolf is fine. Thank you for Junior. How do thirtg smarkerth around the north pole I have bean bad but I changed give the kids a lot of piessens I hope you are fine I want a punching bag I want a elf I want a snow glob. Love, Devin

Dear Santa, How have you been this year? I have been good this year. I have a new Christmas tree. And one ornament. My brother hase been hunting me. And my sister has been as cute as a pegwin. My dad has to work 24/7. My mom ran into a pothole and got three bumps in her tire. I wold like amind flex game and a spy van and sure Sckribble Nauts the game please. Have a great summer! Sencerly, Maegan

Dear Santa, How are you doing. How are the elfus. I’v been grat. My sistr and bruthers are also good. I think we shood all git presents and evree kid in the wild get presits. Corbin

Dear Santa, I wonder what you and the elves are doing. Was thanksgiving good? I know it was for me. Are the elves missing JR. JR is probably missing the elves. Santa I’m going to ask you a sercret has Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vicson Comic Cupid, Donner and Blitson and the most important Rudolgh been warm? I’ve had so much fun this year. I want a trampoline and blizzard maker please. Caty Crow

Dear Santa, I hope you’ve had a good year. I have had a good year. Junior is having a good time here at school. Me and my family are just fine. How are your reindeer? How is Mrs. Claus. I want some things for Christmas. I want some lipstick, a white jewelry box and zebra lightswich covers. Riley Stamport

Dear Santa, How have you been? I been good. I decorated the tree. I sang Christmas songs. Mrs. Wolf has been good. I want rats, hot tob and a computer. Tory

Dear Santa, I want cool! Wii game and a ipad. I want the prty to be here al rete. Im hoping for my grama and grandpa too come. Then on Christmas eve I will leve cookies and milk for yor. Then I want a Hotwheel set and a Hotwheels two pac for Santa Claus. Merry Christmas St. Nick! Love, Zane

Dear Santa, I have been good this Christmas. I hope you will bring me a present and popey a present too. But Santa Claus this is what I want: a x-box, horse, sleigh, and the last thing I want for Christams is snow and a snowball fight! Santa how is Mrs. Claus and the elves today and the reindeer today too. Santa Claus I hope you give my brother lots of presents too. Love, Emma

Dear Santa, This year I’ve been realy good. Did you ever go to school? Today we are making ornaments for our family. When some one doesn’t have a chimney where do you come in? I’ll leave cookies and milk for you. Santa can I have a Chihuahua named Tod for Christmas? Santa thank you for the Nintendo DS last year. At school we also made Santa stars. Are you cold on Cristmas night? Is Rudolph realy famos? Sincerely, Danyion

Dear Santa, Are thee mosed children on the good list or bad list? How is Rudolph doing has he been good or bad? Are you getting ready to fligh with Dasher, Dacer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Prancer, and last but not least, Vixen. I want a ipod, i-pad, i-phone, and some barbies. Does Rudolph make it easyer for you to get through the fog? I’m sorry if I’ve been bad. Love, Leslie Araujo

Dear Santa, Do you like Rudolph? I think you’re going to say yes. Rudolph is the best! I love the presents you bring. Your beard is white as the snow. I love your reindeers. But Rudolph is the best. I love you to. You are the best Santa because of the presents. There the best reindeer. Sorry I’ve been a little bad. Can I have a phone please. But if my mom says no It’s ok. Do not bring me it if my mom says no. I like your suite. Love, Brooke

Dear Santa, Please bring me a train and a bear for my sister. We wish you a merry Christmas! How are your reindeer? How are the elves? How is Mrs. Claus? Give Rudolph a hug for me. Love, Michael

Dear Santa, Elf is so small. My class is been good. My home is good. My sister is nice but my siter big girl. I love Santa Claus. Me good list, me wish T-Roxs and cop stuff, legoes, Sponge Bob. I love Rudolph. Love, Isaiah

Dear Santa, What are you doing? Whar are you? Do you want to hear my whole list? If yes here you go! Nintindo 3OS, OSI, DS, Video games, a are plane that flys for REAL! Pokemon everything! Lego pople, Gold blocks, manetic rocks, Everything Bokougon! Yu-gi-o cards!! Love, Charles

Dear Santa, How do you get around the world in one nite? How do your reindeer fly? Where is the North Pole? Santa do you really have rudlph? How many cookies do you eat every Christmas? How is Mrsses Claus? Are the elves ok? How did Rudolph get his red nose? I want many lego sets, a lite and a real elf. Love, Jayden

Dear Santa, How are the reaindeer? Have they been good? How is Mrs. Claus? Is she making some yume cookies? My family has not been bad. I have been very good I am making you cookies. I want a doodle bear, and a air soft gun and a street animals, puppy, and a teach kit. I like you’re suit it is cool. You’re beard is wite as snow. You have a cool sleight. How do you all those presents in one night. Where is the north pole. I hope you injoy the cookies. How are the elves? Love, Savana

Dear Santa, How are he elves Santa? Good or bad? I think thay are doing good. You know what I want? The murfs to the wii and the DS. Merry Christms Santa! I love you Love, Ashlynn

Dear Santa, How are Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Pranceer and Vixen dowing? We came to school to day and are making ornaments. I have a present at my house waiting for you. All I want for Christmas is to see my dad and another thing for Christmas I want my family to be hear with me. When I grow up I want a new house. I sall you a lot of times. I moved to a new house. I am glad. I am moving thes Friday I am sad. I want a reindeer! Love, Madison

Dear Santa, How are your Reideers? I love Rudolph. He has a red nose. I like you too. You are the best Santa. I love your clothes so so much! Thay have red and green. Thay are my favorites colres in Christmas. I love Mrs. Claus clothes too so so much. I love the Reindeers so so so much. My mom will send you a letter to you. I like your beard. It is white as a snow. I want a smurfette. Love, Abby

Dear Santa, I like your reindeers. I love Rudolph and Dasher and Dancer and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen and Prancer and Vixen. I like the noth pole and your elfs at the noth pole. Sanda you have a cristal around your neck? I like you Santa and Mrs. Claus and Christmas Spirit and Christmas magic. Is there a big Christmas icicle in the cave? Tell the other reindeer not be mean to Rudolph never ever agin. I want a horse toy for Christmas and horse pillow. I want a i-pajana a mini pillow pet. Love, Courtney

Dear Santa, How is it going over there? It must be hard making presents for us. How are the elfves doing? There must be one thousands of presents for us? You have a big white beard and I like it. I like your suit to. I hope all the reindeer are ok even Rudolph. I promose I will be good and this is what I want for Christmas. I want a docter dredful zombie lab, a byblade arena. I want three Byblades and a monopoly boredgame. Love, Angel

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