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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I read the message “From the Mayor’s Desk” in the Leader. I didn’t realize that “the City is in much better condition than when I [Mayor Willrich] took office.”

My Daddy was mayor before him and he was proud of how he served the city and I personally think he did a great job and things were in very good condition when he left as mayor.

Yes, things change, some for the better and some for the worse. Changes can and do make a difference, but Daddy was very proud of his employees and the police unit. We were all proud of them.

Daddy and all former mayors worked regular jobs and took care of their City business every day. None of them got to or needed to sit in the office every day. They were not furnished a vehicle, fuel and other expenses. Changes do make a difference.

Daddy had worked for the City himself, so he knew the City’s needs from the top of the water tower, down to the deepest sewer line.

The only time I remember a TV crew coming to the City was to bring a rain guage and thermomenter and to thank Daddy and Mother for calling in the Lexington weather every day.

After reading the Leader headline, Lexington Citizens, do you agree that We Do have work to do? Are We going to do it? Is it too late?

Tana Renfroe

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