2011-12-15 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

December 5, 2011

Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Ayers responded to a two vehicle accident on FM 696 @ FM 619 in Lexington. Starflight was called but they were unable to fly due to the weather.

A caller reported that a female had struck a tree and had facial lacerations and was complaining of chest pains. Chief Deputy Lapham responded to the call and worked the accident. Lexington EMS was dispatched to the scene.

A resident on CR 307 in Lexington reported hearing strange noises outside his house. He looked out but did not see anyone. Deputy Crockett searched the property but did not locate anyone.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to PR 3141 in Lexington for a child welfare check. The father was worried because he believed a sex offender may be living in the house with them. Everyone was fine and the children were asleep.

December 6, 2011

Deputy Liles and Deputy Ayers were dispatched to Hwy 77 just north of Hwy 21 after a caller reported two Longhorns out on the roadway.

A caller reported that her soon to be ex- husband was being verbally abusive and she was afraid that he was going to beat her door in. Deputy Skinner responded to the Westwood Villa Apartments and filed a report for terroristic threat.

Deputy York and Deputy Skinner were dispatched to FM 448 and CR 215 after a caller reported that a group of kids were driving their vehicles through a ditch and mudding. The deputies determined that the incident occurred in Fayette County and the information was passed on.

A motorist reported that a gray Suburban was traveling at a high rate of speed and passing vehicles in an unsafe manner. The vehicle was last seen in Warda heading northbound.

Deputy Carvin reported that a deer had been hit on Hwy 290 East and was injured. The Game Warden was notified and the deer was put down.

December 7, 2011

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from Westwood Villa Apartments from a caller stating that her husband had assaulted her the night before and she was afraid he would go by her apartment. Deputy Rudolph spoke to the complainant and everything was okay.

Deputy Skinner spoke to a complainant who advised that someone stole her son’s cell phone from school. The caller will be coming to the Sheriff’s Office to make a report.

A motorist reported cattle out on Hwy 77 South of Brad and Sons. Deputy Khan located the cows and ran them off the road.

Deputy Khan was dispatched to FM 696 West near the Yegua Creek Bridge to check on a black car that was down in the embankment. No one was around the vehicle and there appeared to be no damage to the vehicle.

December 8, 2011

A complainant reported that an 18 wheeler was parked on FM 141 between Dime Box and Hwy 21. Deputy Ray located the truck and advised that it was not abandoned and someone was unloading sheet rock at a residence.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to FM 3403 to put up loose cattle that were out on the roadway.

A motorist reported cows out on Hwy 77 North. Deputy Khan reported that the cattle ran back up into the creek bed.

December 9, 2011

Burleson County called and reported that one of their deputies was out on a subject driving a truck pulling a trailer. The trailer was loaded down with 3-4 counter weights which were believed to be stolen from a well site in Lee County. Subject was arrested for outstanding warrants and investigation continues on this case.

A caller that she heard a loud bang at the back of her house and a window was broken. She called right back and reported that she found a bird lying outside by the broken window.

A complainant reported a suspicious vehicle was parked at the gate of a residence on CR 226. Deputy Carvin checked on the mother and children and they were fine.

December 10, 2011

A caller reported that she was having problems with her roommate and she requested a deputy to remove him from the house. Deputy Liles reported that the subject left the house prior to his arrival and he spotted the subject on foot on CR 208. The guy told the deputy that he had called a friend who was on the way to pick him up.

Deputy York spoke to a complainant who wanted it documented that someone had planted a garden in the middle of her property at some point.

A caller reported that some horses appeared to be in terrible condition on PR 1271. Caller reported that they looked like they were malnourished. Deputy York is investigating this case.

Deputy York removed approx 7 horses from FM 1697 @ Nail’s Creek Bridge. The Sheriff’s Office is attempting to locate the owner.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to FM 1697 @ Nails Creek to put up approx 7 horses that continue to get out onto the road. This office is currently attempting to locate the owner.

A complainant was concerned about a neighbor. She advised that his vehicle was gone and all the lights were on inside the house. Deputy Carvin checked the residence and everything was secure.

A motorist reported that cows were out on CR 216 just off FM 448. Deputy Carvin located the cows and ran them into a pasture.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched out to FM 1697 again to put up the same horses that continue to get out. Arrangements are being made to have the horses picked up by the auction barn.

A caller reported that two goats that were in his goat pen appeared to have been shot with a high powered rifle. Deputy York took the information and will be investigating the case.

A motorist reported that a bald black male was lying on the side of the roadway on Hwy 290 West. Deputy York and Deputy Skinner searched for the subject but he had left.

A caller reported that a male subject was at Westwood Villa Apartments and he was not supposed to be on the property. Deputy Liles and Deputy Skinner searched the apartment property and the subject was not there.

Deputy Crockett assisted Trooper Early at the scene of a rollover accident on Hwy 77 approx 1 mile north of the Hwy 21 intersection.

Deputy Carvin assisted a Milam County Deputy with attempting to locate a property owner regarding a stolen vehicle.

Jail Count:

12/11/2011: 43 Males: 36 Females: 7

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