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From the Superintendent of Schools

Frances M. McArthur, Ph.D. Lexington ISD

What a great week we had last week! Our Eagles football team won the State Quarter Finals in Waco, our Lady Eagles basketball team beat Dime Box and won 3rd place in the Tournament, and Lexington Middle School won 1st place in the Academic UIL competitions. Our Lexington students and staff proved once again that their commitment to excellence and hard work could overcome all obstacles. I am so very proud of our athletes who consistently demonstrate skill and agility, and even more importantly, great character and sportsmanship.

Congratulations to Allyson Biehle, Nicholas Dillon, Garlyn Radford, Karsen Ross, Heather Exner, Ryan Garrison, Dessiny Turk, Bailey Exner, Wesley Sanders, Koby Bailey, Dylan Dominy, Madison Iselt, Jaclyn Alford, Caleb Flowers, Mariah Garza, Jason Winkler, Michael Davis, Emily Gregg, Wyatt Retzlaff, Brandon Dominy, Shelby Iselt, Amanda Zgabay, Luke Brown, Andrew Gonzalez, Clay Iselt, Clare Siegmund, Kaitlyn Washington, Catherine Siegmund, Meagan Gonzalez, Chelsye Hammond, Keshun Cooper, Logan Bowen, Jon Tschepl, Kynsley Meyer, Gem Brewer, Krista Lerche, Eric Koch, Trevor Patschke, Sara McManus, Seth Seal, Tanner Towery, Jacob Townsend, Barrett Lerche, Rachel Zgabay, Kate Drosche, Tyler Brower, Christian Koch, Vance Kassner, Amber Turnipseed, Rayghan Stewart, Kyle Brewer, Jordyn Wilhite, Andrew Campbell, Brittany Krenek, Tyler Davis, Chelsea Schneider, Tyler Otte, Courtney Strain, Eric Koch, and Makayla Woodward, who all contributed to the outstanding first place standing in the Middle School Academic UIL Competition.

The LMS staff under the leadership of Ms. Sarah Garrison ran a tightly organized, intellectually challenging, and most importantly, student centered UIL preparation program. I also want to congratulate our four FFA students, Cody Morgan, Johnna Alford, Derek Dane, and Sydney Carter, who all advanced to compete at the state level FFA contest.

This week Lexington will host the Elementary UIL Academic Competition on Tuesday, December 6th and a three-day Girls Basketball Tournament Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We are blessed here in Lexington to have amazingly committed staff members and parent and grandparent volunteers who are willing to work tirelessly to help our students shine and showcase Lexington ISD to the rest of the state.

I want to thank all of the people working to make both of the events this week a success, particularly Ms. Debbie Johnson, who is heading up LES’s Academic UIL Contest and Ms. Cindy Bexley, who is coordinating the hostess room for our basketball tournament. Last year we received numerous accolades from all over central Texas on the welcoming nature of our staff, parents, and students, and the delicious food provided to our visitors at both events. It is no wonder that *Lexington is the school district where everyone wants to be!*

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