2011-12-08 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Well, Texas did not disappoint as they proved once again they are just an average football team. Baylor’s RGIII did a great job and enhanced his Heismann chances. I personally hope he wins, because he seems to be a quality young man.

Lexington will face Refugio in the state semi- finals for the second year in a row. The game last year got very chippy toward the end with some poor sportsmanship being shown. The same thing could happen this year unless the officials keep the game in check from the beginning.

The Cowboys slacked off a chance to almost qualify for the playoffs. Pros should be ready to play every week. With what they are getting paid, they should play hard every week.

The Texans are facing adversity almost every week and still win. Why can’t all the teams be that consistent?

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