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Middle School Lady Basketball

by Mark Strain

Lady Eagle 8B defense. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Lady Eagle 8B defense. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. On Monday evening, November 28th, the Lexington Middle School Lady Eagles played host to the Lady Eagles of Rogers. 8B tipped off first and the play was a steady even pace. With about 2 minutes left in the first, #20 Shakora Latimar put in Lexington’s first two points. #35 Meagan Gonzalez followed 1 minute later, after stealing the ball from Rogers and driving the distance, to make the end of the first period 4-0 Lexington. The second period started out as slow paced as the first, with the first points scored by Rogers 4 minutes into the period. Lexington was doing a good job of reading the Rogers passes when #40 Chelsye Hammond stole the ball, fed it to Gonzalez, who added 2 more for Lexington to end the half 6-2 Lexington.

The third period went back and forth without either team scoring. The fourth period allowed Lexington to extend the lead when Latimar went the distance for 2 more. That was followed by a good pass to Hammond who added 2 of her own to extend Lexington’s lead to 10-2. Rogers was able to rebound a Lexington shot and go the distance to score for the last time, ending the game with a Lexingotn 8B win 10-4.

Courtney Strain steals a ball from a Rogers Eagle player. Courtney Strain steals a ball from a Rogers Eagle player. The Lexington 7th grade Lady Eagles brought their “A” game and their undefeated record out against a tough Rogers team that likes to run a full court press. Rogers took the opening tip, but could not score. On an out of bounds call, Lexington’s # 5 Courtney Strain inbounded to #21 Madison Stefek, who fed #42 Megan Walch for the first 2 points of the game. The game was a fast paced game, with Rogers playing a man to man scheme and running full court presses. Strain was able to pass off to #4 Jaclyn Alford who put in 2. Roger’s #10 was able to take the inbound and run all the way down to score the first points for Rogers. With Rogers in the full court press, Lexington was passing the ball well and moving. Alford was able to inbound the ball to a waiting Walch right under the basket for 2 more. With a back and forth, Rogers was able to score 2 more to close the gap and end the first quarter 6-4 Lexington. In the start of the second, Lexington made a bad pass that Rogers stole and scored 2 more to tie the game at 6-6. Walch was able to return the favor and stole the ball from Rogers to score another basket. Lexington followed that score with a Strain to # 13 Kynslie Meyer to Walch and her fourth bucket of the night. Stefek was put on the line and added a single free throw and then followed it up by going the distance from an inbound pass by Strain to score again. With Stefek on a hot streak, she stole the ball, passed to Alford who shot wide, but Stefek was able to put the rebound back up for 2 more. Rogers was able to steal an inbounded pass by Lexington to score their second bucket of the quarter and last points of the half 15-8 Lexington.

The third period was a showcase for reading the pass and stealing the ball by both teams. Rogers held Lexington scoreless in the third, while Lexington limited Rogers to only 2 baskets, making the score at the end of the third 15- 12 Lexington. The fourth saw Alford inbound to Strain who passed to Meyer who fed it back to Alford for 2 points. Back and forth the two teams went when Strain inbounded to Stefek who added 2 more. Rogers was able to score the next points when they inbounded right under their own basket. On the next Lexington possession, Alford was sent to the line to shoot two, making both shots with a “swish”. Rogers took the inbound and went the distance to score again. Strain inbounded to Stefek who ran down the court with a tired Rogers team trailing the action to watch Stefek score again. Rogers answered with a full court run and a bucket. The game ended with Lexington winning 23-18.

8A tipped off with the ball going out of bounds, necessitating a re-tip that Rogers won and immediately scored. Lexington’s #12 Melanie Scantlin answered with a quick bucket for 2. Rogers was able to score the next 4 points before #3 Karsen Ross added 2 to Lexington’s score. Scantlin followed up with a shot, a rebound and a bucket to tie up the score. Rogers tried to inbound, but Ross stole the ball, shot and #11 Krista Lerche followed up with a basket, allowing Lexington to take the lead. The play at this point was very physical; lots of bodies hitting the ground and very little whistle blowing by the referees. #3 Karsen Ross hit the floor across the court and came up holding her wrist. She watched the rest of the game from the bench with ice and a sprain. #31 Whitney Willrich was able to inbound to #25 Garland Radford who shot for 2. Rogers put up 2, then Scantlin followed with 2 more to end the first quarter with Lexington ahead 12- 8. The second period started out with Rogers scoring the first 2 points. Willrich stole the ball, and sent it to Lerche, who put in 2 for Lexington. Rogers countered with a long full court pass and 2 more points, then followed it with 2 more to tie the score 14-14. At this point, one of Rogers players headed to the bench with a sprained ankle where she stayed all night with ice. Lexington inbounded the ball to #XX Gem Brewer who fed Lerche for another basket. Willrich was able to add two when she drove the base line for a nice bucket. Rogers answered right away with another basket and the score was all tied up 18-18. The inbound to #15 Kennedee Herklotz was passed down court to #10 Amber Turnipseed who hit for 2. The half ended with Lexington leading 20-18.

The third quarter had Rogers inbound under their own basket, but a confused Lexington pulled back and allowed Rogers to score without challenge. Rogers started the third period with an aggressive press that caused Lexington a hard time inbounding the ball. Rogers scored 2 more. Lexington’s Willrich was able to inbound to Gerdes who popped for 2 more. For most of the rest of the third, the ball went up and down the court before Rogers put in a free throw.Rogers sent another player to the bench with a hand to her head. With a minute left in the third, a Rogers Eagle hit a 3, increasing their lead to 26-22. Rogers scored two more times to end the third, with Rogers in front 30-22. In the fourth, Rogers was next sent to the free throw line to shoot 3, but only made 1. Rogers was able to get the rebound off of Lexington, then they drove the court for a lay up. Lexington next sent Herklotz to the line to shoot a 1 and 1. She made both shots, bringing the new score to 33-24 Rogers. Lexington’s Radford hobbled off the floor on a tender knee. Lerche was able to put in 2 more, then Herklotz got 2 more off of a rebound to close the score to 33-28. Rogers put in 1 free throw to end the game 34-28 with a Rogers win.

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