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Just a Thought.......

Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer A few weeks ago I shared with you the reasons I thought it might be easier to be a believer in Lexington.

Today, I want to go one step further and suggest that it may be absolutely necessary to be a practicing believer in this small town. Why?

We know everyone. They stay and we stay. So, when unkind words are spoken, or less than friendly deeds are done, we are going to see them again. And again.

Unlike the big city, where we, or others, may road rage and run away, Lexington is for keeps.

To me, that means, anyone who does not practice Grace and Forgiveness is setting themselves up for some long-term misery. It isn’t pretty to watch, it is even more painful to live.

I learned this first hand in another small village years ago. The Baker and the Printer were friends, every day. But, one day, one or the other, maybe both, said something ugly. And suddenly, they were no longer speaking, not for weeks, nor months, then years. Long after either of them could remember why, each of them had to remind themselves not to like the other.

Recently, I received the obituary notice of the baker, and I wondered, did he die in his misery? Did the printer go to his funeral and wish he had visited him sooner? I do not know. But, I am confident that Grace and Mercy expired long before his funeral.

Surely such things are not true about the Lexington I know and love.

It’s just a thought.

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