2011-11-24 / Sports

Young Lady Eagles Enjoy Wins

by Mark Strain

For the second game of the year, the Lexington Middle School Lady Eagles played host to the Lady Yoe of Cameron. 8B tipped off first and appeared to be pretty evenly matched. #35 Meagan Gonzalez was able to start the scoring for Lexington. Cameron scored once, as well, to make the first period score 2-2.

In the second, Lexington held Cameron scoreless while #20 Shakora Latimar had a free throw and #45 Mariam Villalobos put in two more, to make the half time score 5-2 Lexington.

By the third period, Lexington was in a groove and was able to add 4 more points: 2 by Villalobos and 2 by #50 Makayla Woodward. Cameron had 2 points in the third, ending the period with Lexington ahead, 9-4. The fourth period saw several missed opportunities, the only score added by #20 Latimar with a free throw and the final score of 10-4.

While the 8B game had a measured slower pace, the 7th grade game would best be described as an adrenaline high. The Lexington 7th grade Lady Eagles hit the floor at full speed and had won the game by the first period. The 7th grade Lady Eagles employed a press from the start and Cameron could not handle the pressure. Lexington repeatedly stole the ball and had break away opportunities all night, although the young ladies did not always add to a point total.

In the first period, Lexington scored 10 points to Cameron’s 4. # 4 Jaclyn Alford had 2, # 13 Kynslie Meyer had 2, #21 Madison Stefek had 4 and #33 Dessiny Turk had 2. The second period was more of the same, with the Lady Eagles holding Cameron to a single free throw, while they added 12 more points. #5 Courtney Strain had 4, Stefek 4 more, #30 Shelby Iselt had 2 and #42 Magen Walch added the last 4, to end the half 22-5.

The third period had the coaches pulling back on Lexington’s aggressive press and going to a more traditional zone defense. The strategy still held Cameron scoreless in the 3rd, while Lexington’s Alford added 2, Strain 2, Stefek 4 and Walch 2 more to make the 3rd period score 32-5 Lexington.

In the fourth period, Lexington did a lot of substituting and was able to score 6 more points, 2 by #2 Emma Beard and 4 more by Stefek, while allowing Cameron to score 4 more points to end the game 38- 9 Lexington. # 21 Madison Stefek had an outstanding game with 16 points, 3 steals and 3 rebounds. Magen Walch had a similarly exceptional game with 4 points, 6 steals and 3 rebounds.

8A started the game off with some good passes and some backdoor plays. At the end of the first period, Lexington doubled up Cameron with a score of 8-4. #3 Karsen Ross had 2, #15 Kennedee Herklotz 4 and #31 Whitney Willrich had 2. The second period had Lexington outscoring Cameron 7-2, with Ross getting 4 more, #11 Krista Lerche 2 and #12 Melanie Scantlin adding a free throw. The score at the half was 15-6 Lexington.

In the third period, Ross had 2, Scantlin 2 and Herklotz 2 to beat Cameron’s 3 points for a new score of 21-9. The final period of the game allowed Cameron 3 more points to a single bucket by Ross to give the Lexington 8A Lady Eagles the win for the night with a score of 23-12.

Congratulations to Coach Mitchell and Coach Carter for a clean sweep and thanks to Sara McManus for keeping the books and Vanessa Molina for stats. The next game for the Middle School Lady Eagles will be held Monday November 28th in Lexington against the Lady Eagles of Rogers.

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