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November 21, 2011
By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

The second full week of deer season is complete with little deer harvest reported. Some bucks have been observed tending does; so chances are hunters may become successful during this mating period.

Locally, a Sugarland man was cited for an illegal deer, one Operation Game Thief call for illegal activity was taken, two reports of road hunting in Tanglewood were investigated, on Somerville Wildlife Management Area, a report was investigated of two hunters hunting deer with a firearm and not wearing hunter orange, one call of shooting ducks after hours was reported in Ledbetter, one report of road hunting on County Road 316 was investigated, one deer caught in a fence off Highway 290 east was removed, one report of dumping trash in the West Yegua off FM 1624 was discussed, two reports of coyotes in the Giddings city limits taken, one live trap release at SWMA and 4 calls about trespassing were investigated. Thanks for the calls and questions!

I’ve been getting calls from landowners reporting illegal deer which have been killed, then disposed of, on neighboring properties. While we each have an opinion on whether this is right or wrong, all I ask is hunters make certain of their shot. If one has to ask himself more than 3 times if a deer is legal, then it probably isn’t. With the ability to harvest two spikes in an AR county, why take the chance of harvesting a deer that might someday make a decent buck?

If anyone reading this article has an extra MLD permit, spike buck or other legal deer, I have a few Lee County kids who would like an opportunity to harvest their first deer. Some of these kids are low income, single parent, at risk or just good kids wanting to experience the great outdoors while also feeding their family. Please give me a call to set something up.

Contact me at 979-540-0194 (c), 979-542-2800 (SO), 512-389-4848 ( TPWD), 1- 800- 792- GAME ( OGT), 979- 542- 2526 ( o) or victor.gonzales@tpwd.state.tx.us.

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