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Missing Person Search

On Tuesday November 15, 2011 the Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to an area behind the Giddings Country Club, off CR 233, in reference to an abandoned vehicle parked on private property. When the officers arrived, a 2008 H2 Hummer was found in a heavily wooded area with no one around the vehicle. Officers found items of clothing, a wig and the ignition key. Inside the vehicle was a cashier’s check in the amount of $9,000 and a stub from a cashier’s check in the amount of $68,000.

Officers ran a check on the license plate and learned that the vehicle was registered to Vicki Naquin, age 55, in the Houston area. A driver’s license check was made and the return came back to the same individual.

Officers made contact with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to see if Naquin lived there. It was determined that she lived in Harris County at the address on the driver’s license, but had not been seen in several weeks. A cell phone number was obtained, but the phone had been turned off.

Texas Ranger Brent Barina was contacted on Wednesday, November 16, by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and they decided to enter Naquin as a missing person.

A DPS helicopter was called to do an aerial search of the area, while Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer and Ranger Barina did a ground search. Other officers searched by vehicles.

While the search was being conducted, Naquin’s brother was located. He provided information to Ranger Barina and helped Houston DPS locate and identify his sister, Vicki Naquin, who was found safe in Harris County.

Assisting Sheriff Meyer and Ranger Barina in the investigation were Chief Deputy Nathan Lapham, Captain Adam Gonzales, Deputy Lee Liles, Deputy Michael York, Deputy Carey Ray and Deputy Gregory Ayres.

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