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Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer Once upon a time, before I was educated, I gave a sermon with the awful title, “You Ought to be Thankful”.

I learned better. Not in college, nor even in seminary, but in a small essay in a book by Martin Bell titled, “The Way of the Wolf”.

In that writing, Martin turned the story of the ungrateful lepers on its head. You may recall from Sunday School, Jesus healed ten lepers, but one, only one turned back to say “Thank You”.

Ever after, preachers of all denominations castigated their congregations with the evils of ungratefulness.

Martin’s words offered an alternative view. “Maybe,” he suggested, “one of the lepers was a woman, a mother who had suffered for years because she could not touch her children. Now, she could and it was her joy that took precedence over her thanks.”

Or, “Maybe,” suggested Martin, “one of them just forgot”. “Every one of us has seen a child run with delight with their new toy and have to be reminded to practice the manners of gratitude. Could being healed of leprosy be such a gift?”

Or, “Maybe,” says Martin, “the gift was so large that one leper just could not speak. They were not ungrateful, just overwhelmed.”

By now, you get the point. Being able to say “thanks” is not an ought. It’s an awareness. And it happens because someone took the time, had the time, to reflect on the gift which they had received.

Something to think about just before you gobble the turkey this year.

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