2011-11-17 / School

From the Superintendent of Schools

Frances M. McArthur, Ph.D. Lexington ISD

Recently, thirty of our Lexington FFA students attended the District Leadership Contest. There were 23 different schools that competed in the competition and our students competed in twelve different events.

I am so proud of Karley Wren, Bliss Brewer, Kristen Boettcher, Madison Bexley, Johna Alford, Austin Smith, Chase Hibbeler, Jakob Moreland, Jason Mann, Nick McMahon, Aleck Brown, Jackson Fuller, Clay Brockenbush, Cody Morgan, Derek Dane, Alyssa Dussetschleger, Colby Smith, Kasey Smith, Sydney Carter, Kayla Janda, Chelsea Nadeau, Whitney Pillack, Zach Rother, Logan Meuth, Courtney Robertson, Kristen Schneider, Rachael Beard, Brooke Herklotz, Raimond French, Justin Reed, Nick McMahon, and Jason Mann.

Theyall contributed to our Lexington FFA bringing home the Ultimate Achievement-Sweepstakes Banner. Additionally, four of our teams moved on and will compete in Brenham at the Area 3 competition this Saturday, November 19th.

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