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Texas Forestry Association Adopts Wildfire Resolution

The Board of Directors of Texas Forestry Association recently adopted a Resolution which recognizes the Volunteer Fire Departments and the Texas Forest Service for their service to the state during the prolonged drought and the millions of acres of wildfires that have and continue to occur throughout the state.

“ The members of Texas Forestry Association are extremely grateful to the leadership of these agencies and the Leadership of the Texas Forest Service for the outstanding job they are doing and the job they will be called upon to do until this drought is declared over,” said Ron Hufford, Executive Vice President of Texas Forestry Association.

Texas Forestry Association members have been brutally affected by the drought and wildfires. “Along with the heavy toll on people and property, these fires have significantly damaged the forestland,” Hufford said. “It’s a tremendous loss for the East Texas timber industry.”

“We applaud the dedication of the men and women of the Volunteer Fire Departments, the Texas Forest Service and outside agencies who have responded to save personal property and lives,” Hufford said.

The Resolution was adopted at Texas Forestry Association’s Annual Convention on October 19, 2011 at The Tremont Hotel in Galveston.

Texas Forestry Association is a non- profit trade association representing 3,000 members who grow, manage, harvest and process Texas’ forest resources.

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