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Just a Thought.......

by Dave Fischer

Rev. Dave Fischer Rev. Dave Fischer Greetings! From the new kid in town, that is, if you count being in my second childhood.

If you read the paper a few weeks ago, you know that I am the Interim Pastor at First Christian Church of Lexington. What you may not know is what qualifies me to write a column.

My newspaper career began in 1976, during the Bi-Centennial. At the time, I was disgusted with much that was being written about our country. Articles about George Washington’s wooden false teeth or other foibles about our leaders seemed to miss the point. So, I marched down to the editor’s desk at the Rensselaer, Indiana Republican and, with all the brashness of youth, informed him that I could do better.

“Show me three examples of your work, “ he replied, “and I will consider it.” I did. He read. I began to write.

When the year was over, I was hooked and so I visited him again. “I want to keep writing,” I said.

“Show me three examples of your work, “ he replied. I did. He read, and a new column, “This and That” was born.

As the title suggests, I wrote about almost everything, from Nixon’s resignation to the latest antics of my newborn son, and soon, his sister.

Since that time, I have been allowed to publish in three other newspapers, The Shawnee Oklahoma Daily News, the Temple Daily Telegram, and the Kerrville Daily Times.

Sometimes my articles were strictly religious. In other settings I had the freedom to roam more widely, even into school politics. (Not to worry, I have long since learned my lesson about that foolishness).

Here in Lexington, which, by the way, I just love, I plan to do both religious and secular offerings. My column will be “Just a Thought . . .” and I welcome your reading and your feedback.

I would like to say more, but it is breakfast time at Herk’s. Maybe I will see you there.

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