2011-11-10 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Congratulations to the Eagles on their rebound from the Rosebud- Lott disaster to the district championship. They have to keep the RL game on their minds, because everybody is good in the playoffs. The bad teams are playing basketball.

Speaking of basketball, the Lady Eagles opened the season Tuesday night. It doesn’t seem like the season should be starting.

The Aggies may be the best first- half team in the nation; unfortunately they need to play two halves, some of which the Aggies have not shown up for. I think is has become a psychological block for the players, because they are still trying their hardest.

The Horns are crowing about their running game. Where was it against Oklahoma? Oh, they were still working on it. It just works better against Kansas and Texas Tech!!! So does almost everyone else’s.

The Texans are finally showing the promise expected. They gave poor Colt some bruises Sunday.

The Cowboys did not look that sharp in the win over Seattle. They will be lucky to finish at .500.

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