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Lexington JV Falls to Rogers in Final Contest of the Season

by Mark Strain

Lexington’s Corey Strain pulls down a touchdown catch for the JV. Lexington’s Corey Strain pulls down a touchdown catch for the JV. With the Lexington JV football team having one of the better JV seasons over the last couple of years, the JV Eagles stepped out planning on making it a clean sweep for Lexington. Rogers won the coin toss and deferred. Lexington’s #38 Breyland Chism took the kick off and returned it 11 yards to start the Lexington offense on their own 31 yard line. Lexington’s first offensive series was an all run play selection. #44 Lechea Cooper started out with 3 yards, #10 W.E. Meuth had runs of 10 and 2, #45 Tyler Page went for 2 and then Cooper got dropped fora1yardloss,forcingLexingtonintoapunting situation. Rogers started their first offensive drive on their own 32 yard line. Rogers went for 2 then pitched the ball on the ground, but was able to recover, putting them in a 3rd and 17. A #55 Cameron Janda stop for no gain caused Rogers to punt to the Lexington 42 yard line. Lexington started the drive by having the Rogers Eagles jump off sides. Two runs by Cooper for 6, an incomplete pass anda6yard screen pass to Cooper put Lexington in a 4th and 4. #10 Meuth got up on the line, barked out the cadence and caused Rogers to jump off sides again, giving Lexington another first down to keep the drive going. A 4 yard gain by Page and 7 by Meuth, then Lexington broke the huddle with 12 players pushing them back 5 yards. Cooper good for 10 and Page for 2 more left Lexington sitting on Rogers’ 18 yard line with a fourth and three at the end of the first quarter.

Lexington JV Wide Receiver, Nate Holcomb, carries the ball with a flock of Eagles in his wake. 
PHOTOBY MARKSTRAIN. Lexington JV Wide Receiver, Nate Holcomb, carries the ball with a flock of Eagles in his wake. PHOTOBY MARKSTRAIN. The first action of the second quarter was an illegal procedure against Lexington, so now Lexington was faced with a fourth and eight on the Rogers 23 yard line. An incomplete pass and Rogers took over on downs. The Lexington defense stiffenedandRogershada3andout,puntingthe ball to the Rogers 42 yard line. Lexington’s Meuth wentfor4beforeCooperwasdroppedfora5yard loss leaving it at 3rd and 11. Meuth dropped back to throw a screen pass over the middle and hit Lexington’s Center #54 Nate Holcomb right in the chest. Holcomb caught the pass and had a nice 9 yard run before the referees threw the penalty flag for illegal touching. Backed up 5 yards, an incomplete pass and #55 Cameron Janda was sent out to punt the ball. Janda kicked the ball all the way down to the Rogers 1 yard line and the Rogers receiver was taken down 8 yards later by #3 Jamyon Scott and #6 Andrew Lane. A flag against Lexington allowed Rogers to start on their own 20 yard line. The first play called was a trap up the middle that went for 80 yards and a Rogers’ touchdown. The two point conversion failed making the score 6-0 Rogers with 5:36 left in the half. Rogers kicked off to Lexington’s #12 Alec Brown who returned it to the Lexington 40 yard line to start the next drive. A six play drive stalled sending Janda out for another nice punt and Rogers started the next drive on their own 40 yard line. With a good tackle by #72 Gabriel McMahon and pressure from #59 Miles Hannigan, Rogers was forced to punt. With 23 seconds left in the half the punted ball was mishandled and Rogers jumped on top getting another first and ten on the Lexington 36 yard line. One running play for Rogers that was stopped three yards deep by #55 Cameron Janda and both teams went into half time with a Rogers lead of 6-0.

Andrew Lane, playing for the GREEN Eagles in the final JV game of the season against the BLACK Eagles, is seen making a sustaining 21-yard catch. 
PHOTO BYMARKSTRAIN. Andrew Lane, playing for the GREEN Eagles in the final JV game of the season against the BLACK Eagles, is seen making a sustaining 21-yard catch. PHOTO BYMARKSTRAIN. The third period saw Lexington kicking off. Rogers started out on their 22 yard line. Rogers was driving, but eventually stalled and the ball turned over on downs. First and ten for Lexington on the Rogers 49 yard line. Lexington was held and the ball turned back over to Rogers on the 50 yard line. Rogers started on a long sustained drive. Good tackles by #4 Hunter Wilson, #50 Miles Hannigan, #1 Corey Strain, #40 Jacob Moreland and #38 Breyland Chism. Rogers eventually took the ball all the way in for their second score of the night. With a good 2 extra point conversion, the new score was 14-0 with 21 seconds left in the third quarter. Rogers kicked off to Lexington’s #6 Andrew Lane who ran the ball back 60 yards before it was brought back for a block in the back. Lexington took over on the Rogers 43 yard line. #45 Tyler Page went right for 2 yards and that play ended the third quarter.

With Lexington in control of the ball, the fourth quarter started with #44 Lechea Cooper going for a nice 14 yard run. The next play was a 27 yard pass to #1 Corey Strain for a touchdown, that was nullified for an illegal formation. A Meuth 5 yard run was followed by an interception by Rogers, giving them the ball on their own 35 yard line. Rogers put a running package together that included runs of 20 yards and 30 yards before the last one for 4 yards and their third touchdown of the night. The conversion attempt was no good and with 5:52 left in the game, Rogers led 20- 0. Lexington took the kick off and started out on their own 33 yard line. Having run the ball most of the night, the Lexington offense started an air attack. Three receivers right and one on the left, Meuth threw to #1 Corey Strain heading down the left side. The play was good for 38 yards and Lexington’s first touchdown of the night. A pass out into the left flats to Strain was good for 2 more and the new score became 20- 8 with 5:25 left in the game. An onside kick attempt was recovered by Rogers on the 50 yard line. Rogers started running but Lexington held them to a 4th and one that they could not convert, so the ball turned over to Lexington. The Lexington air attack continued with two incomplete passes, a screen to Page, a post pass to Strain, another incomplete pass then a bobbled snap for a loss, which caused Lexington to call a time out with 1:26 left in the game. After the time out, a flag against Lexington for 12 men on the field, and Lexington was faced with a 3rd and 20 yards to go. The next play saw Meuth throw down the right side to #6 Andrew Lane. The ball was a little under thrown and Lane stopped and came back to make the catch while the Rogers defender kept going. Lane caught the pass needing 20, but so far had only gotten 19. He turned to face the Rogers defender bearing down on him. Lane jiggled and juked for two more yards and a Lexington first down to keep the drive alive. First and ten on the Rogers 25 yard line with 1:09 left in the game. A middle screen to #45 Tyler Page was good for 14 more yards, putting the ball on the Rogers 12 yard line with 59 seconds and down by 14 points. Two incomplete passes and another screen pass to Page for 2 yards forced Lexington to take a time out. With a third and 8, #1 Corey Strain lined up as a slot back and snuck out of the back field for a 12 yard pass completion and another TD for Lexington. A five and out pass to Strain was good for 2 more and the score was 20-16 Rogers with 30 seconds left in the game. Lexington lined up for an onside kick. Rogers lined up to receive an onside kick. Meuth kicked the ball well, but Rogers was able to cover the ball and took a knee on the next and last play of the game. Rogers JV over Lexington JV by a score of 20-16.

Congratulations to the Lexington JV on a good season. Like always, even though this was the last JV game, all the JV players will now become defacto Varsity Eagles as they continue to practice, play and travel as one Varsity Team on their way to the Playoffs!!!!!

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