2011-11-10 / Sports

7th Grade Eagles Win

by Mark Strain

The 7th grade Eagle football team took to the field in Rogers last Thursday for their last game of the season. Lexington kicked off to Rogers,who went to work on their signature run game. Eating up most of the clock in the first period, Rogers started the scoring, 6-0. On the ensuing kickoff, the ball only went 9 yards, and Lexington took over on the Rogers’ 49 yard line. On the first play, #21 Nic Dillon went all the way to the end zone, only to have it nullified for holding. The ball was moved to Rogers’ 46 yard line for a new first and ten. Then #17 Caleb Parkerson went 46 yards to score a touchdown. A two point conversion by Dillon and Lexington took the lead 8-6. Lexington’s # 66 Nathaniel Clifford kicked off to Rogers and the first quarter ended shortly thereafter.

Lexington held and Rogers punted. Rogers held and Lexington punted. Rogers was running again when Lexington caused a fumble and recovered on the 44 yard line. Dillon went 44 yards to score again for Lexington. Dillon went right for two more and it was 16- 6, Lexington. Rogers got the ball, but turned it back to Lexington, who held them to just two yards. With 30 seconds left in the half, Lexington’s Parkerson went 24 yards to score again. The score was 22-6 going into half time.

Lexington took the second half kickoff. With a second and ten on the 34 yard line, the snap was bobbled before Dillon straightened up and went to the end zone; #33 Antonio Scott added 2 more and the lead increased to 30-6. Clifford kicked off again and the ball went sailing straight up. Lexington’s #44 Dylan Dussetsledger jumped on the ball and Lexington took over on the Rogers’ 44 yard line. Soon after, Lexington fumbled and gave it back to Rogers. With Rogers driving on Lexington’s 24 yard line, the third quarter ended.

The fourth started with a Lexington defenive stand, and the ball turned over on downs. #2 Justin Barron busted up the middle for Lexington, going 55 yards before he was caught from behind. Rogers was able to stall Lexington’s drive and took over on downs. A few plays for Rogers and the game and the season ended for the Lexington 7th grade Eagles with a win of 30-6.

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