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Second House Fire for Lexington in Less than Ten Days

Monday evening, the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to the second house fire in less than ten days.

Monday, November 7, LVFD responded to a trailer house fire located at 1024 Cherry Drive in the Sherrill Trailer Park at the residence of Doris Turner. The call came in at approximately 6:17 p. m. and the fire department arrived at the scene within 8 minutes. Five fire trucks, fourteen fire fighters, and two EMS members responded to the call.

According to Michael Milburn, Assistant Fire Chief, “When we arrived, former Lexington Volunteer Fire Department member, Ricky Billig, was spraying water through the rear bedroom window from a garden hose. Daniel Green took over this attackwitha13/4”firehose, while Derek Schumpert and Phillip Boettcher put on their SCBAs to make entry into the structure.Theytooka13/4"hose through the house and finished extinguishing the fire, while Daniel Green kept an eye on them through the window, and Trey Bell watched their back from the rear door of the residence.”

Milburn continued, “There was extensive interior damage to the north end of the trailer, but it is still standing. The fire was contained to the rear bedroom of the home.”

“Unfortunately, the family pet, a small brown dog, died from smoke inhalation in the fire.”

“ We were initially very concerned about this fire. There are a number of extremely thick trees and underbrush just to the north of the residence and there was a prevailing 15 mph south wind.”

Milburn said, “The residents were recovering personal belongings that were undamaged when we left at about 8 p.m. The cause of the fire is going to be blamed on an unattended candle, according to the residents.”

Responding to the call were volunteer fire fighters Chris Billings, Daniel Green, Robert Brister, Derek Schumpert, Phillip Boettcher, Darrel Shed, Todd Zoch, Johnny Kubicak, Michael Milburn, and Trey Bell on scene. Allen Retzlaff, Don Bayer, Kevin Bayer, and Monroe Schneider were at the fire station on standby. Joby Reynolds and Linda Patschke were on the scene for Lexington EMS.

Less than ten days before this fire, on Saturday, October 29, Lexington VFD responded to a mobile home fire at 1103 East CR F in a heavily wooded area in Blue Properties that involved a fatality.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely fortunate to have the volunteers within our community who are willing to give of themselves to protect our lives and property. Thank you for always “watching our backs”.

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