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Lexington’s JV Soars Above the BE Eagles

by Mark Strain

Lexington’s Lechea Cooper stretches out to score in the JV victory over Bruceville-Eddy. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Lexington’s Lechea Cooper stretches out to score in the JV victory over Bruceville-Eddy. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. All night long in the 7th and 8th grade games, Bruceville-Eddy kicked off with a squib kick. The ball lays on its side and the kicker kicks away, mostly sending the ball off in the direction intended, but with a bouncing bobbling motion. The Bruceville-Eddy JV was no different and started the JV game with a squib kick that was recovered by Lexington’s #12 Alec Brown on the Lexington 39 yard line. Lexington ran 7 plays with #44 Lechea Cooper gaining 29 yards; #10 W.E. Meuth had a nice 25 yard scamper; QB Meuth also had a hard count that pulled Bruceville-Eddy off sides, and, finally, a Meuth pass out in the flats to #1 Corey Strain was good for 3 yards and a touchdown. A Meuth pass out to the right to #3 Jamyon Scott added the 2 extra points and with 5:27 in the first. Lexington had an 8-0 lead.

Lexington’s Noble Little jars the ball loose from the BE would-be receiver. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Lexington’s Noble Little jars the ball loose from the BE would-be receiver. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. With the year’s first real norther blowing at 15-20 miles an hour and the temperatures dropping to the 60s, Lexington’s #45 Tyler Page toed the ball and Bruceville-Eddy started their drive on their own 35 yard line. The first play was a pass well covered by #2 Noble Little that hit the Bruceville- Eddy Eagle in the chest and was dropped. The second play was a pass thrown short into the ground. The third play sent trips out to the right, only to have the BE QB hit a streaking back on the left side, good for 32 yards. Then there was a pass to the right for 12 yards and BE tried their first running play as Lexington’s Little hit him hard, causing him to fumble. The ball was recovered by BE, keeping their drive alive with a first and goal on the Lexington 7 yard line. A pass to the right was dropped. Another pass missed the mark completely when Strain blitzed the QB. A third dropped pass and BE had a 4th and goal on the 7 yard line when Lexington’s #72 Gabriel McMahon droppedtheQBfora5yardloss, turning the ball over on downs on the Lexington 12 yard line. Then, Page went for 10, Cooper went for 3 and a holding call against Lexington’s Meuth, for 21. Next was a QB sack fora9yardloss;Cooperfor20more; Page for 25 yards, pushing and dragging BE defenders; Cooper for 10, and an illegal motion against Lexington. That’s where the first quarter ended.

The second quarter started with a bubble pass to Strain, dropped for a loss. Then it was Cooper for 11 and then 4 more; Page for 3, and finally, Cooper dove across the goal line to score again for Lexington. An illegal procedure against Lexington moved it back, and an incomplete pass kept the score at 14-0, Lexington. BE took the kickoff to their 42 yard line. A broken up pass by Scott, a pass for 12, a run for 4, tackled by #4 Hunter Wilson, a deep pass broken up by Strain, a completed pass tackled by #40 Jacob Moreland, pressure from #50 Miles Hannigan, causing the QB to throw one away, a screen pass to the left, tackled by Moreland, and a QB scramble for 4 ended the BE drive. Lexington took over on their 25 yard line. Two plays later and Lexington turned the ball over to BE on a fumble at the Lexington 47 yard line. BE’s first play was a pass out to the right where Lexington’s Scott jumped in front and grabbed the ball, giving possession back to Lexington on the 32 yard line. Plays involving Cooper, Meuth, Cooper, Cooper, Meuth, Page, and Cooper, again, put the ball on the BE 11 yard line with 25 seconds left in the half. Good pass coverage in the end zone and then an illegal motion on Lexington, and two more incomplete passes saw the ball sitting on the 15 yard line with a 4th and 14 and 11 seconds left. The next play was a pass over the middle into the end zone. When the play was over, Lexington’s #38 Breyland Chism had snagged the tipped ball, allowing Lexington to score with 3 seconds left in the half. Cooper banged across for 2 more points and Lexington took a lead of 22-0 into the half.

The third quarter started with Lexington kicking off and Bruceville- Eddy taking over on their 22 yard line. A bubble pass broken up by Strain, a scrambling QB pass, good for a first down, and tackled by Little, 4 yard trap right brought down by #57 Martin Solis, an incomplete pass defended by Scott and Chism, and another pass defended by #12 Alec Brown brought the BE Eagles to fourth down. Their QB dropped back to pass and threw out into the left flats where Strain stepped in front of the pass, intercepted and retuned the ball 40 yards for a touchdown and a new 28- 0 score. Cooper added 2 more points to change the score to 30-0.

Lexington kicked off and BE fumbled the ball, but was able to recover, taking over on their 31 yard line. On the very first play, the QB threw a pass and Strain reached out to bat the ball down. There was another incomplete pass before BE got a first down on a run play up the middle. On the next play # 55 Cameron Janda raced in, grabbing the QB and slinging him hard to the ground. On the next play, with a new QB, BE ran right before being tackled by #17 Ryan Brower. With lots of substitutions by Lexington and two penalties, BE eventually found themselves with a 4th and a long 1 on the Lexington 2 yard line. Lexington’s defense stacked in the middle and held. BE turned the ball over on downs on the Lexington 3 yard line. Lexington ended the third quarter with a couple of good drives by Cooper and Meuth.

The fourth quarter started out for Lexington with a first and ten on the BE 35 yard line. The very first play saw the Lexington back fumble the ball and recovered by BE on their 39 yard line. A three yard run and a facemask against Lexington was followed by a trap left that went for 45 yards and BE’s first points of the night. J. Scott intercepted the pass that was intended to be the extra point, who ran it out about 20 yards before being tackled. The score was 30-6 Lexington. Chism took the BE kickoff and returned it 23 yards back to the BE 47 yard line, starting the next possession for Lexington. Two plays later that included a 22 yard run by Page and a 25 yard run by Meuth, and Lexington had scored again. Lexington’s #6 Andrew Lane added two more points to make the score 38-6 with 6:53 left in the game. Several plays later, the game ended with Lexington up 38-6.

A victory on the field was supported well by cheerleaders, fans and a crazy impromptu drum banging band in the stands that included Jacob Chrisner, Jacob Mills, Shayna Jacobs, Shayna’s Dad, Mr. Jacobs et al.

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