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Lexington Police Report

By Chief Jerry Bowden

October 24, 2011

At 1:00 pm Captain Yarbrough and Officer Nurse responded to the 1600 block of Cherry Street reference a loose dog complaint.

At 6:00 pm Chief Bowden, Capt. Yarbrough, Officer Gaskamp, and Officer Nurse went to the 800 block of Caldwell Street reference a complaint of criminal mischief to a vehicle, that being a bullet hole in the rear bumper area of the car. Evidence was gathered and a report was filed. Extra patrols of the area were ordered by Chief Bowden.

At 9:00 pm Officer Gaskamp issued a traffic warning on Hwy. 77 for a minor traffic offense.

October 25, 2011

At 9:20 am Captain Yarbrough and Officer Nurse responded to the 800 block of Yegua Street reference a report of theft of service.

At 4:45 pm Captain Yarbrough and Officer Nurse met with Chief Bowden behind the Lexington Elementary School campus in response to law enforcement information.

At 7:03 pm Chief Bowden arrived at Peterson’s Food Store and was hailed by a citizen with vehicle problems. Chief Bowden called Officer Gaskamp to the scene and Officers rendered assistance to the citizens.

October 27, 2011

At 8:46 am Capt. Yarbrough went to the Lexington High School and issued a theft suspect a summons for court on the charge of Petit Theft in the amount of $30.00, said offense having been committed against one of our citizens at Peterson’s Grocery last week on October 18, 2011. After due investigation, the identity of a suspect was determined and the summons for the offense has now been issued for a court appearance whereupon he will be required to satisfy justice by answering to the charge of Class C Theft.

Chief Bowden wishes to commend Lexington ISD Police Chief David Mohr for his assistance to our Police Department in this investigation. His assistance enabled the Lexington Police to solve this crime and arrest the offender in a timely and efficient manner. This is the type of inter- agency cooperation that results in the delivery of excellent public safety for all our citizens. This is just another example of the excellent relationship that exists between your Police Department and your Independent School District. Thank you Chief Mohr from your brother Law Enforcement Officers and Chief Bowden and the Lexington PD!

October 28, 2011

At 7:20 am Chief Bowden was dispatched to locate cattle on the roadway on Hwy. 77 south of Lexington. Unable to locate.

At 8:15 am Chief Bowden was dispatched to Hwy 77, one mile north of Lexington reference a call of cattle on the roadway. A driver reported she had almost hit the cow as she was driving by. Chief Bowden located the cow and ran it into the tree line. The owner was located and responded to the scene and put the cow back into the pasture.

At 1:45 pm Capt. Yarbrough responded to a call of shoplifting at the Lexington Dollar Store. He issued two citations to a female at that location. One was for Class C Theft on that day and the second citation was for a Class C Theft she had committed last week. He also issued her a Criminal Trespass Warning, effectively barring her from the Dollar Store in the future.

At 4:15 pm Officer Gaskamp checked Hwy. 77 in an attempt to locate a reported reckless driver. The driver was located and a warning was issued at Hwy. 77 and CR 409.

At 6:30 pm Officer Gaskamp issued a warning for a traffic violation on Hwy. 77.

October 29, 2011

At 12:17 am Officer Gaskamp responded to a report of a suspicious person in the 1200 block of Caldwell Street. The person was located and advised to go home.

10:00am: Corporal Wooldridge and Off. Nurse escorted the funeral of one of our local citizens from the First Baptist Church to the Lexington Cemetery.

October 30, 2011.

At 6:15 pm Chief Bowden found the rear door to Granny’s Restaurant open. Officer Gaskamp arrived at the scene and assisted Chief Bowden in an area search. All was ok.

At 8:50 pm Officer Gaskamp received a phone call from Rockdale Hospital and was advised a Lexington citizen was there because of a dog bite. He had been bitten by his own dog accidentally. The report of the incident was for information purposes only.

At 11:22 pm Chief Bowden checked extra patrol locations and business checks in the city.

At 11:47 pm Chief Bowden checked a suspicious vehicle on Hale Street near 6th Street. The occupants were advised to move on from the area and they complied.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to provide faster response time and better public safety, your Police Chief wants you to know that the dispatchers at the Lee County Sheriff ’s Department are dispatching all calls to Lexington Police Officers. In the past, calls were made from citizens to local Officer’s cell phones. This has resulted in slow response because the Officer being called may be off duty, in court, or on out of area law enforcement business. Also, it leaves no record of you request for police service.

When calling the Police Station, more often than not, no one answers the phone because your Chief requires that your Officers be out and about, actively patrolling your neighborhoods. So, please help us provide better and timelier police service to you by calling the following numbers when you need the police:

Call 911 for all Emergencies. Call (979) 542-2800 for all other calls when police service is needed or requested.

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