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To Catch a Thief

On Thursday, October 27, a purse snatcher was caught by Lexington Police. At about 5:50 p.m. that afternoon, Chief Jerry Bowden and Capt. Yarbrough were dispatched to the First Baptist Church in Lexington, to the rear parking area of the parsonage, in reference to a burglary of a motor vehicle.

According to Chief Bowden, “One of our citizens had parked her car there and entered the church parsonage to write a check, and she had inadvertently left her purse on the front seat. While she was briefly in the parsonage writing the check, her car was burglarized by a passing 17 year old Hispanic male. He entered the vehicle and took her purse, which contained $27 in cash, her driver’s license, social security card, credit cards, and various important documents. She immediately called the Lexington Police Department and reported the crime.”

Chief Bowden took down information for a report and Capt. Yarbrough began an area search for the purse and the suspect. LISD Police Chief David Mohr assisted in the search effort by checking for the suspect at the junior varsity football game. He located the suspect there and detained him for Lexington Police Officers. The suspect was questioned by Lexington Officers and he subsequently confessed to the crime. Pursuant to the questioning and confession, the purse was located by Capt. Yarbrough in the alleyway that runs from 3rd Street to the Elementary School. The suspect was arrested and transported to the Lexington Police Station. At the Police Station he was asked by Chief Bowden why he had committed the crime and he replied that he had “just done something stupid.”

The purse and all the personal property were returned to the victim, less $14.00 and some change.

The suspect was taken to the Lee County Jail and charged with Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.

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