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Franklin Tops Eagle JV 14-12 Buffs Travel to Smithville

by Mike Organ
by Mike Organ

The Lexington JV defense performs well for the Eagles. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. The Lexington JV defense performs well for the Eagles. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Tyler Page scored two touchdowns, the same as Franklin. Franklin was able to convert a two-point PAT to win the game. Franklin ran their typical ball control offense with the JV. The JV Lions took the opening kick off and kept the ball for all but 35 seconds of the first quarter.

Offensively for Lexington; W.E. Meuth had nine carries for 34 yards; Andrew Lane had three totes for 11 yards; Lechea Cooper had nine for 53; and Page had 11 carries for 93 yards and the two TD’s.

Defensively Corey Strain had 11 tackles to lead the team. Cameron Janda and Martin Solis had seven tackles each. Others making tackles were: Breyland Chism 5, Noble Little 4, Bradley Campbell 3, Samuel Meza 3, Cooper 3, Gabriel McMahon 4, Page 3 and a sack, Hunter Wilson 3, Walt Green 3, Jakob Moreland 3, Jamyon Scott 2, Miles Hannigan 2, Meuth 1, Jason Handrick 1, and Kevin Page 1.

Lexington’s Corey Strain brings down a defender. Lexington’s Corey Strain brings down a defender. Here is the play by play, provided by Dr. Mark Strain:

The Lexington JV football team took to the field Thursday night October 13th for the third game of the night, following the 7th and 8th grade games representing one win and one loss. JV was ready to go and got things started by kicking off to Franklin who returned the ball to their own 30 yard line. Franklin JV started out much like the other two games with all runs. Slow and steady they worked their way down the field. Franklin ran and ran and ran some more, then they ran it again. Good tackling by the Lexington defense made the Lions march slow and methodical to get only a few yards at a time, but enough to keep going. A 25 yard completed pass to a Franklin receiver was called back when he pushed off to catch the ball. Lexington’s #55 Cameron Janda made several good stops. #1 Corey Strain blitzed and dropped the QB for a loss. #2 Noble Little and #4 Hunter Wilson were busy sealing off the middle. Franklin kept on running until they stalled on the Lexington 23 yard line and turned it over on downs with only 35 seconds left in the first quarter. Lexington took over and ran one QB keeper up the middle for 5 yards by #10 W. E. Meuth before the quarter ended.

Jamyon Scott (3) and Breyland Chism (38) defend the pass. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Jamyon Scott (3) and Breyland Chism (38) defend the pass. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. The second quarter had Lexington with a 2nd and five on their own 28 yard line. A run by #6 Andrew Lane netted negative yards and a screen pass to #44 Lechea Cooper sent #51 Kevin Page out to punt the ball away where the Lions took over at mid field. Franklin had two running plays that netted 0 yards before the next play went for a -8 yards when #45 Tyler Page caught the back behind the line for a loss. Franklin punted and #38 Breyland Chism received the punt and got Lexington started on their own 24 yard line. Two running plays by #45 Page and another by #44 Cooper had Lexington in a fourth and two when they lined up to make a run at the fourth down, but a hard count caused Franklin to jump off sides giving Lexington a new first down. First play and #10 Meuth dropped back to pass, took a look and pulled it back down going 11 yards on the ground to mid field. The next play was a toss left to #45 Page who went 50 yards to score the first points of the night for Lexington. The two point conversion failed and Lexington led 6- 0 with 3:54 left in the half. Lexington kicked off the to Franklin 16, but the back went back and forth, eventually getting tackled on their 35 yard line to start Franklin’s third possession of the night. Franklin ran about 7 plays in a row before scoring. A failed conversion and the score was tied at 6-6 with 1:10 left in the half. Lexington took over on their 30 yard line when #9 Brad Campbell covered the ball. A QB sack, a holding against Lexington, 6 yards by Lane and 20 yards by Page ended the half with a tied score of 6-6.

Lexington’s #2 Noble Little received the opening kick off of the third quarter and was down on the Lexington 40 yard line. Lexington’s #45 Page went for 9 yards, an incomplete pass, #45 Page was hit hard and stopped for a one yard loss and #10 Meuth on a QB keeper that came up short, causing Lexington to turn the ball over on downs on the Lexington 48 yard line. Four running plays and tackles by #4 Wilson, #55 Janda, a blitz and dropped behind the line of scrimmage by #1 Strain and a nice stop by #72 Gabriel McMahon turned the ball back over to Lexington on downs. Four running plays and one penalty against Lexington had Lexington throw the ball down field only to be intercepted, giving the ball back to the Lions on the Franklin 29 yard line. Franklin had two running plays that netted one yard with good tackles from #2 Little, #72 McMahon, #1 Strain and #9 Campbell. All night long Franklin had been rushing to the line and doing a quick snap. All night long the Lexington coaches had been yelling at the officials claiming they are not getting set before snapping the ball. Finally the officials started flagging the Lions and two illegal procedures in a row caused Franklin to pass the ball to a wide open tight end they had snuck down the field. He dropped the ball and Franklin punted. #1 Corey Strain took the punt at the 50 yard line and worked his way back down the field before finally being tripped up at the Franklin 3 yard line, giving the ball to Lexington first and goal. #45 Page advanced the ball two yards, Cooper was stopped and then Page went left to score again for Lexington with 1:54 left in the third. The extra point failed and the score changed to 12-6 Lexington. Lexington had a little pooch kick that Franklin recovered on the Eagle 48 yard line. Franklin went 20 yards before #55 Janda took him down, then 1 more yard and a good tackle by #40 Jakob Moreland a stop by #33 Walt Green and the third quarter ended with Franklin slowly moving the ball.

The first play of the fourth was a pitch out to the right and Franklin went all the way. 12-12. Franklin pitched right again and the two point conversion was good giving Franklin their first lead of the night 14-12 with 9:54 left in the game. Franklin kicked off and the ball took a good roll before #33 Green covered it on the Lexington 38 yard line. A four yard gain by Cooper, a 7 yard gain by Little, then two plays for losses and finally a screen pass to Cooper good for 9 yards, but short of the first down, brought #51 Kevin Page out to punt the ball back to Franklin where they took over on their own 21 yard line. A three and out gave Lexington the ball back on the 50 yard line. A three and out for Lexington sent the ball back to the Lions on their own 27 yard line. Franklin put together 4 running plays that netted them two first downs and allowed them to start taking a knee to run the clock out and claiming victory with a final score of 14-12 Franklin over Lexington.

Giddings travels to resurgent and undefeated Smithville Friday night. The Buffs have played a tougher nondistrict schedule with only a loss to Elgin to mar their record. Smithville has endured some not football problems with the fires, but have remained focused in their surprising season.

The last few seasons, Giddings had an impressive record and Smithville a one-and or zero-and summary. That had a little to do with the game. They were battle royals every time. This year the records indicate this should be a titanic battle between two teams with outstanding records.

Giddings should win the game 35- 21. Also, I predict there will be at least three fights.

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