2011-10-20 / Sports

7th Grade Eagles Victorious Over Franklin

The mighty 7th grade Eagles battled Franklin last Thursday. Franklin’s first possession resulted in a touchdown and Franklin in the lead 8-0.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Eagles fumbled the ball into one of the Franklin defenders, who ran for a touchdown. Franklin was ahead at,14-0.

The Eagles’ second possession resulted in a punt, but their 3rd possession resulted in #21, Nic Dillion, scoring a touchdown. The Eagles failed in their twopoint conversion. So, at halftime, Franklin led 14-6.

The Eagles received the ball to start the second half, and on the second play, Dillion ran for an 80 yard touchdown; however, once again, the Eagles’ attempt for two more points failed. The score was 14-12 Franklin.

On the Eagles’ next possession, Dillion ran for a touchdown and the Eagles took the lead 18-14.

The young Eagles held Franklin from scoring and won the game 18-14.

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