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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

The twice a year Clean Up Days in Lee County are a valuable service. The crews that unload debris from the trucks and trailers should be commended for their hard work and their systematic procedures in getting so much accomplished in such little time.

This past Saturday, I, like many others, got there early and waited patiently in line for our debris to be unloaded. It never ceases to amaze me that there are always a few people who “cut” into the line by way of a side street. Perhaps they feel they are too “special” or too “superior” to others to have to wait in line. Or, perhaps they believe they are slicker than grease on a door knob. Whatever, the bottom line is what they are doing is cheating! We all learned as children how to wait in line for our turn, but not these people.

Nobody likes to wait in a long line for anything, but in fairness to others, it is something we all do occasionally.

I am hopeful that when Clean Up Day comes around in April, everyone will take their place in line and wait their turn. I am also hopeful that the Lexington Police will monitor the streets and prevent any “cutting” in from happening, and send those who try to “cut” to the end of the line where they belong.

I will get off of my soap box now and go feed my horses. Thank you, Kathy Newcomer, Lexington

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