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LPD Swings into Action to Find Missing Children

On Tuesday, October 11, at 1:51 p.m. Lexington Police Chief Jerry Bowden and Capt. Clarence Yarbrough responded to the Lexington Elementary School in reference to a report of two missing 8 and 9 year old students. Assistance was given to Lexington ISD Police Chief David Mohr and the teachers at the school.

Upon notification that two children were missing from the school, Chief Bowden ordered an immediate county wide law enforcement alert and Officers Gaskamp and Nurse commenced a grid search.

The Sheriff ’s Office had deputies enroute to assist. Chief Bowden ordered an immediate area search for the children and was in the process of initiating an Amber Alert as the children were located by two local citizens on Belton Road, at about 2:30.

Capt. Yarbrough responded immediately to the Police Station and took custody of the missing children from the concerned citizens. They were safely returned to the school and turned over to school officials.

Chief Bowden was impressed with the immediate response and mobilization of the administration and teachers at Lexington ISD in regard to this emergency. When Chief Bowden and Capt. Yarbrough arrived at the school, the teachers and administration were already assembled in the front foyer of the school waiting for them. The first question from school officials and teachers was, “Chief, what do you need us to do and where do we need to go?”

Chief Bowden said, “ Our excellent teachers and administrative staff were already assembled and ready to get into their personal vehicles and assist in an area search.”

“This is a perfect example of the type of school system every city should have. Caring and highly motivated teachers and staff are integral to an investigation and successful resolution of an emergency of this nature, and the Chief of Police wishes to commend the teachers, staff, and administration of the Lexington Elementary School for their excellent preparedness and response in this incident.”

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