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Emergency Workers Request Cell Numbers

With more people eliminating landlines in their homes and using cell phones instead, the Capital Area Council of Governments’ (CAPCOG) regional Emergency Notification System (ENS) is requesting everyone register their cell phone and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers.

The outbreak of wildfires across the 10-county CAPCOG region has resulted in a dramatic increase in the use of the CAPCOG ENS, which allows local officials to notify residents and businesses by telephone of conditions that threaten lives or property.

Traditional landline telephones, but not VoIPs or cell phones, within the 10- county region should already be able to receive emergency notifications. To register your cellular telephone and/or VOIP phone, go to http:// wireless.capcog.org/ ENS/ Intro.aspx.

Local officials issue warnings by outlining the threatened area on a computer-based map. The ENS application attempts to contact every telephone within the outlined area. When a call is received, the display on telephones equipped with caller ID will read “Emergency” or display the telephone number “512-386-7242.”

During the first two days of the wildfire outbreak, the CAPCOG ENS system called more than 8,000 telephones to deliver emergency messages.

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