2011-10-20 / Front Page

Bust the Bugs

Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. reported this week that an enormous amount of trash has been cluttering our city streets and he is advocating a campaign to Clean Up Our Streets - a.k.a ‘Bust the Bugs’ (Litter Bugs, that is).

Over recent weeks, the City has had to hire people to pick up trash at our City Park, along neighborhood streets and all around town. Mayor Willrich said, “We recently picked up seven large trash bags on just one street. This is unacceptable. Some of the worst streets are Avenue A, Cemetery Road, FM 1624, and Hester Street. I am asking for all citizens to abstain from littering and for anyone who witnesses someone littering to report it to the Police Department. If you see someone throw something out of their vehicle, get their license plate number and report it. It is against the law to litter and shows disrespect for your community. Let’s all work together to keep our town beautiful.”

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