2011-10-13 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

I saw this painted on a window: ‘Lady E-gals’. I wish I would have thought of that.

The Eagles are in quite a situation. After the loss to Rosebud-Lott, the Eagles need to win out to ensure a playoff spot. Franklin, Rogers, and Thorndale are still ahead on the schedule. All games are in question. The Eagles do get to host Rogers and Thorndale.

Methought Texas wasn’t ready for a team like Oklahoma. The Horns may be in for a losing streak, now that they are in conference play. A lot of teams will play better against Texas because of their role in the eminent demise of the Big XII.

A&M still lost the second-half in the Tech game. They just built a bigger first-half lead. That is one way to win.

Baylor looks very formidable with RGIII at the helm. He is quite an athlete, an accurate passer, and a great leader.

Dallas is hoping to get Tony Romo well. I don’t know if that is his ribs or his head.

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