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Lexington Police Department 100%

Chief Jerry Bowden reported this week that the Lexington Police Department has been restructured and now employs 100% of the officers needed to protect and defend our town. Bowden said, “ I am pleased to report to you that I have employed and appointed a total of six police officers. Our City now has four full time police officers and three reserve officers. I have interviewed many candidates over the past few months and have chosen only those who passed a rigorous background investigation. It is my goal and my primary intent that the citizens of Lexington have the very best Police Department possible. I selected only those Officers who I believe will be an integral and positive part of our community. One of our rookie officers, Scott Gaskamp, will be completing his field training this week and will begin to work the streets on solo patrol. Rookie Officer Dontrell Nurse will be completing field training soon and will join Officer Gaskamp.”

“Our Police Officers are here to serve and protect you and I have made my policy of Community Oriented Policing clear to each new officer as I appointed and commissioned them. I hope you will be proud of our department.”

Full time officers include Gaskamp and Nurse, as well as Captain Clarence Yarbrough and Chief Bowden. Reserve Officers include James Raney, Johnny Wooldridge and Ben Bishop.

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