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Lexington Police Report

By Chief Jerry Bowden

Hello again from your Chief. Our new Officers are now patrolling our streets and meeting our citizens. They have adapted well to your Chief’s policy of Community Oriented Policing. Some of their activities are listed here, as well as a few progress notes regarding the continued restructuring of your Police Department. A few items of police activity are noted as follows:

September 26, 2011

Officers Gaskamp and Nurse investigated a minor traffic accident in the 600 block of Shaw Street. No injuries were reported.

September 27, 2011

Progress Note: With the approval of the Mayor and the City Council, I have appointed Officer Johnny Wooldridge as a Reserve Police Officer/Corporal for our City. Corporal Wooldridge is a Certified TCLEOSE Instructor and a Certified TCLEOSE Firearms Trainer and Instructor. He is a very positive addition to our City and will save the Police Department money because he can administer all the TCLEOSE Training we need free of charge. He can also qualify our entire Police Department in State mandated firearms training each year, thereby enabling us to meet those training standards without having to pay an instructor from another agency.

Progress Note: With the approval of the Mayor and the City Council, I have reinstated to duty Police Reserve Officer James Raney so that he may resume serving the citizens of Lexington, Texas. He has been a Reserve Police Officer for the City of Lexington since 1995. Prior to 1995 he served as a Deputy Constable and has over 17 years of service as a Peace Officer. His parents live in Lexington.

September 28, 2011

Officer Gaskamp and Officer Nurse responded to a report of an injured animal in distress in the 600 block of Avenue B. Upon arrival, they found a small Labrador dog that had a piece of looped metal caught in its throat. The Officers cut and removed the metal and freed the dog without further injury.

Progress Note: Chief Bowden and Captain Yarbrough appeared before a Lee County Grand Jury on September 29, 2011 pursuant to a forgery investigation by Capt. Yarbrough, and a Criminal Indictment was handed down on a defendant for passing a counterfeit one-hundred dollar bill at a business place in the City of Lexington.

September 30, 2011

Chief Bowden, Capt. Yarbrough, Officer Gaskamp and Officer Nurse responded to a complaint of suspicious persons in a pickup truck, pulling a low-boy trailer in the area committing thefts. Chief Bowden and Capt. Yarbrough apprehended the truck on Hwy. 77 by CEFCO and escorted it to Avenue F where the matter was fully investigated and the situation was resolved. There was no offense committed because a neighbor had advised the men they could remove scrap from the roadside.

October 3, 2011

Progress Note: With the approval of the Mayor and the City Council, I have appointed Officer Ben Bishop as a Reserve Police Officer for our City. Officer Bishop served in the United States Air Force as an Air Security Policeman and earned the Air Force Achievement Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Medal, and the Operation Iraqi Freedom Medal. He returned to the United States at the end of his tour of duty and has paid his own way through the Police Academy in order to become a Police Officer. He is also a member of the U. S. Army Reserve.

As you can see, we have been blessed in our efforts to recruit and employ some highly capable, experienced, and well educated Police Officers to serve our City. Their qualifications, credentials, and their background investigations indicate that they will serve us with integrity and honor.

As of this date, Capt. Yarbrough and both full time Officers under my command have completed a total of 97 hours of TCLEOSE training in state approved courses. Officers Gaskamp and Nurse completed coursework in Cultural Diversity and in Sex Offender Characteristics. Capt. Yarbrough completed coursework in upper level management courses to include: Basic Instructor Skills, Exercise, Evaluation and Improvement Planning, Exercise Design, National Incident Management Systems (NIMS), ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, Emergency Program Manager and Orientation to the Position, and Introduction to Incident Command Systems.

We are your police department and we are here for you. We solicit your support, your prayers, and your friendship as we serve and protect you in the City of Lexington.

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