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Holy Family Catholic Church Welcomes Father Alphonse

Father Anthony Alphonse. Father Anthony Alphonse. Holy Family Catholic Church recently welcomed a new minister to lead their flock, Father Anthony Alphonse. Life could have been a lot different for Rev. Anthony Alphonse and also for the lives of the many that he has touched over the last nineteen years of his priesthood. Fr. Alphonse, a native of India, found his calling during his final year at St. Joseph’s College in Bangalore. After studying for years in commerce and sociology with the hopes of becoming a prosperous businessman, his life was changed by Mass one Sunday. Hearing a pastor talk about joining the priesthood, he asked his mother about the life of a priest and how someone would know whether to make that choice. He said his mother told him that if God was calling, he should embrace that vocation, despite his worldly dreams. “You may earn millions of dollars,” she said, “but everything will pass away. Serving God is permanent.” In 1984, Anthony joined St. John’s Seminary in Hyderabad for philosophical studies. He continued on to the Papal Seminary in Pune, near Bombay, for theological studies. In 1992, he was ordained into the priesthood. The year of his ordination was also the year he experienced something many priests have never been fortunate enough to experience, and never will. He worked side by side with Mother Teresa. Fr. Alphonse spent three months with Mother Teresa and her convent sisters doing missionary work with the natives in the jungles of Calcutta. Surrounded by Mother Teresa’s grace, even through her sisters, Fr. Alphonse said she radiated God’s love. “I could experience that holiness in her.” Fr. Alphonse was sent to the United States by his Bishop in 1995, where he was pastor in Paris, a small northeast Texas town, for almost eight years. In 2002, he was invited to Rome to participate as one of the priests in the Mass to celebrate the 80th birthday of Blessed John Paul II. Later, he studied Trinitarian Spirituality, taught by Fr. Jim Flannigan, the founder of the Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. He returned to a parish in Killeen, Texas in 2004 and served as Associate Pastor for six months. In 2005, after the sudden death of the Pastor of Our Mother of Sorrows in Burnet, Fr. Alphonse was named Pastor and continued there for six years. In July of this year, Fr. Alphonse was appointed as Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dime Box and Holy Family in Lexington.

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