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Middle School Football Action

by Mark Strain

Lexington’s Chase Alert and Caleb Parkerson hit the Jarrell runner hard. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Lexington’s Chase Alert and Caleb Parkerson hit the Jarrell runner hard. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. The Sub Varsity Jarrell Cougars came to town last Thursday, September 22, to face the Lexington Eagles. The 7th grade Eagles took to the field first and gave the Jarrell coaches a peek of things to come. The 7th grade team had absolute dominance over Jarrell. Lexington scored at will and held Jarrell on most plays to little or no yards gained. By half time, the score was 22-0. In the second half, more of the same. At one point Jarrell tried punting, but it did not work. The second half of the game got to showcase the talents of the rest of the bench. Running and passing was a free-for-all for Lexington 7th grade. The final score was 40-0 Lexington.

The 8th grade Lexington Eagles came out next and started things rolling when #8 Alberto Lara kicked off through the end zone for a touchback, starting Jarrell out on their own 20 yard line. Jarrell ran twice and threw once to net them 6 yards before punting to Lexington, who took over on the Jarrell 49 yard line. Lexington’s first play was an 8 yard pass to #10 Jay Cooper. The second play saw Lexington fumble the ball back to Jarrell where they took over on their 40 yard line. Jarrell proceeded to run 6 more plays before Lexington’s defense stepped up and held. #24 Kyle Brewer tackled a running back 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage during the series. On a 4th down play, the Jarrell QB attempted a quick kick punt that was blocked and picked up by Lexington’s #38 Cody Mitchell, who returned it 55 yards for Lexington’s first score. 2 points were added by #8 Lara who ran up the middle. 8-0 Lexington with 2:50 left in the first quarter. #8 Lara teed up and kicked it into the end zone again for another touchback. The Cougars ran the ball but weretackledfora5yard loss, then they followed that play with a fumble that #8 Lara scooped up and returned for another Lexington touchdown. A failed 2 point conversion made the new score 14-0 with 1:50 left in the first. A squib kick by Lexington, plus a facemask penalty by Lexington had Jarrell starting out on their own 30 yard line, but Jarrell was still unproductive.

The start of the second quarter found # 2 Vance Kassner with a pass reception in the end zone. Lara tacked on 2 more up the middle to make the score 22-0 with 7:53 in the half. Lexington kicked off to Jarrell and #10 Cooper made the stop allowing Jarrell to start their next drive on their 37 yard line. On the first play, the Jarrell QB dropped back and threw a pass over the middle that was intercepted and run back to the 50 yard line by #8 Lara. On the next series, Lexington went three and out. Jarrell, on their 34, started this drive with a 10 yard penalty, then a pass for 2 yards before their running back carried the ball 75 yards to score. The two point conversion failed so the new score became 22-6 Lexington with 4:25 left in the half.

Jarrell lined up for the kick off, and gave it a squib kick. Lexington stood paralyzed watching the squib kick while Jarrell ran in and reclaimed the ball on the Lexington 46 yard line. Jarrell did not produce. The Jarrell coaches noticed that one of their wide outs was not covered and called a time out. The Cougars went back out in punt formation and sent two receivers to the right. The ball was snapped, the QB looked right, then back left and caught the tight end on the left side streaking down the field for a 47 yard touchdown pass. Conversion failed and with 1:45 left in the half, the new score was 22-12 Lexington. Jarrell lined up again, laid the football flat again and squib kicked it again. This time, Lexington’s #9 jumped on top of it for the offense to take over on the Lexington 27 yard line. Lexington controlled the clock with a series of running plays to run the clock out and end the half. 22- 12 Lexington.

Jarrell came out in the third with another squib kick, but the ball was covered by Lexington’s #51 Trenton Schneider on the Jarrell 48 yard line. On the first play, QB Lara went right 48 yards to score. A failed pass conversion and the new score is 30-12 Lexington. Lexington kicked off and Jarrell returned it to the Jarrell 44 yard line. A turn over on downs after Jarrell went 4, 1, 2 and -9, with a Lara QB sack. Lexington went on a ground attack game to help speed the clock. #10 Cooper had gains of 12, 4 and 6 yards, while #38 Mitchell added 10, #2 Kassner caught a pass before #8 Lara punched it in to score again. A pass to #21 Cameron Allen added 2 more points and a new score of 38-12 with 1:06 left in the third.

The start of the fourth saw Jarrell on a long sustained drive highlighted by their running game. It came to an end 6 plays later in the Lexington end zone. A pass into the corner added 2 more to make the score 38-20 Lexington with 4:20 left in the game. Jarrell squib kicked again, but the ball was covered by #10 Cooper. A clip in the back by Lexington had the offense take over on their 25 yard line. On the second play, Lexington dropped the ball on the ground and Jarrell picked it up. First and ten for Jarrell on the Lexington 25 yard line. Jarrell’s first play was met by #8 Lara 3 yards deep in their back field. The second play had the Cougar QB go right, shake off a tackle and reverse left to go the distance to score again. 38-26 Jarrell with 1:12 left in the game. The extra point conversion failed. Jarrell lined up and squib kicked again. This time Lexington’s #66 Hunter Biehle was waiting and jumped on top of it. Lexington took two snaps and went to the knee twice to end the game 38-26 Lexington.

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