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Eagle JV Jolts Jarrell 42-28

by Mark Strain

Noble Little and Ryan Brower put the Cougar down. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Noble Little and Ryan Brower put the Cougar down. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. In his summary of the JV win over Jarrell, Mike Organ writes, “The Eagle JV bounced back from last week’s defeat to hand Jarrell a 42-28 defeat Thursday night. Lechea Cooper scored twice for the Eagle JV. Noble Little, Tyler Page, Andrew Lane, and Jamyon Scott scored a TD also. Corey Strain, Scott, and Page each tacked on a twopoint PAT in the Eagle win.”

“Lexington got out to an early lead going to the locker room at halftime with a 34-6 lead. The Eagles added another score in the third quarter. Jarrell put up 22-points in the fourth quarter, but could not erase the huge Eagle lead.”

“Brayland Chisama, Jakob Morelad, and Gabriel McMahon led the team with five tackles each. Hunter Wilson and Noble Little checked in with four stops. Getting three tackles were: Corey Strain, Martin Solis, and Cameron Janda. Credited with two tackles were: Jamyon Scott, W.E. Meuth, Andrew Lane, Ryan Brower, Chris Hasskarl, Brad Campbell, and Clay Brockenbush. Others making tackles were: Kevin Page, Lachae Cooper, Tyler Page, and Nate Holcomb.”

The details of the game have the Lexington JV Eagles starting their night by kicking off to Jarrell, who took over on their own 20 yard line after a push in the back penalty. Jarrell started a ground assault with plays of 11, 2, 0 and -1 yards before punting to Lexington’s #38 Breyland Chism on the Lexington 49 yard line. On the first play from scrimmage #45 Tyler Page went left for 7 yards blowing right over two Cougar defenders. The second play got better when #44 Lechea Cooper took it to the end zone for 45 yards and the first touchdown of the night. The conversion failed making the score 6-0 Lexington with 6:43 left in the first quarter.

#45 Page kicked off and #2 Noble Little made the tackle to give Jarrell a first and ten on their 36 yard line. Jarrell went 3 and out with good defensive plays by #75 Jason Dube, #57 Martin Solis and #38 Chism. The Jarrell punt gave the ball to Lexington on the Lexington 40 yard line. The next series of downs for Lexington had #44 Cooper on runs of 9 and 8 yards, #45 Page for 6 and 5 yards as he ran right over the top of the defender, a 32 yard pass reception to #1 Corey Strain and finally, with a three back set, #2 Noble Little punching the ball across for Lexington’s second score of the night. 12-0 Lexington after a failed two-point conversion try.

Melanie Scantlin sets the ball for the Lady Eagle JV. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Melanie Scantlin sets the ball for the Lady Eagle JV. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. #45 Page kicked off and Jarrell started out on their own 40 yard line. On Jarrell’s first play, #72 Gabriel McMahon met the running back at the line of scrimmage and drove him back three yards. On the second play, a pass over the middle was temporarily caught until #38 Chism hit the receiver hard enough to dislodge the ball. Jarrell went to the air on the next two plays, the first going for 28 yards and the second going the distance of 45 yards for the first Cougar touchdown. 12-6 with 1:15 left in the first when the conversion pass fell short. Jarrell did a floating squib kick that hit a Lexington player before being covered by #33 Walt Green, where Lexington took over first and ten on their 29 yard line. On the first play, #10 QB W.E. Meuth went down the left, hugging the sideline, before he ran out of steam and got caught from behind on the Jarrell 5 yard line. That run was good for 66 yards and ended the first quarter.

Lexington JVer Noble Little crosses the goal line for a touchdown. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Lexington JVer Noble Little crosses the goal line for a touchdown. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. The start of the second had Lexington on Jarrell’s 5 yard line with a first and goal. Two running plays later, cappedoffwitha2yardTDrunby#45Page,madethenewscore18-6. Anincompletepassfortheconversion attempt and the score remained the same with 9:07 left in the half.

Lexington kicked off to Jarrell where they caught the ball while on a knee at their own 24 yard line. On the first play, Lexington’s #75 Dube hit the back in the middle and dropped him for a loss. The second play went for an incomplete pass as #1 Strain and #9 Brad Campbell had blitzed, putting pressure on the QB. Another play, another blitz, and another dropped pass had Jarrell punt to an awaiting #1 Strain who fair caught the ball on the Jarrell 46 yard line. An incomplete pass, a 30 yard run, a 5 yard penalty, another incomplete pass, a 2 yard run, and a bad snap for a three yard loss, had Lexington at 4th and 16 on Jarrell’s 20 yard line. A screen pass to #44 Cooper was good for 20 yards and the 4th Lexington touchdown of the night. A 2-point pass went to #3 Scott and Lexington’s new score was 26-6 with 5:02 left in the half.

#45 Page kicked a high floater to the Jarrell 38 yard line where a streaking #3 Jamyon Scott snatched the ball away from the Jarrell player giving the ball back to Lexington first and ten on the Jarrell 38 yard line. A pass and four runs later found #6 Andrew Lane crossing the goal line to make the new score 32-6. #1 Strain caught a post pass to add 2 more, making it 34-6 with 2:04 left in the half.

#45 Page kicked off with another high floater. Two Jarrell receivers got nervous and collided into one another but covered the ball before #3 Scott could steal it away again. It was Jarrell’s ball first and ten on their own 30 yard line. Theyhadanincompletepassanda3yardgainuntilJarrellallowedtheclocktorunoutforthehalf.

Jarrell kicked to Lexington at the start of the third quarter and Lexington started their next drive on their own 20 yard line. Three pass attempts later and Lexington was forced to punt to Jarrell on the Lexington 45 yard line. Jarrell was able to keep the ball for 8 plays before the Lexington defense stiffened and the ball turned over on downs. The Eagles began on their own 33 yard line. First play from scrimmage and #44 Cooper busted free and ran 37 yards before he ran out of steam and got caught from behind. A series of running plays was capped off when #3 Scott ran up the middle for 3 yards and a touchdown, making the new score 40-6 Lexington. #45 Page added 2 more on a run raising the score to 42-6.

Lexington kicked off and Eagle backer #17 Ryan Brower tackled the receiver, allowing Jarrell to start their next drive on their own 40 yard line. On the first play, #9 Campbell stunted up the middle, grabbed the QB and slung himdownfora6yardloss,whichalsoendedthethirdquarter.

The fourth started off with Jarrell behind and going to the air. Three passes and one run later, they had scored their second touchdown of the night - 42-12 Lexington. The 2 point conversion failed with 6:48 left in the game. Jarrell had a nice deep kick off, coupled with a Lexington block in the back and Lexington started on their own 5 yard line. The very first play had Lexington fumbling and Jarrell recovering on Lexington’s 4 yard line. Jarrell took two plays, the last being a reception in the end zone. New score became 42-18 Lexington with 5 minutes left. The 2-point conversion was good up the middle, changing the score to 42-20.

Jarrell did a pooch kick that was covered by #33 Walt Green. During the fourth quarter with a nice lead, Lexington was running all players into the game the best they could. This included a new QB change, where on the first play the snap was a little high, the ball was bobbled and hit the ground where the Cougars pounced on it again, getting the ball on Lexington’s 30 yard line. Jarrell took 7 plays before throwing a touchdown pass to make the new score 42-26. The 2 point conversion was good and changed the score to 42-28. Jarrell pooch kicked again and Cameron Janda fell on the ball to cover for Lexington. #1 Corey Strain ran out onto the field and took two snaps going to a knee each time to end the game with Lexington ahead of Jarrell 42-28.

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