2011-09-29 / General Stories

Outdoor News

By Victor Gonzales,
Lee County Game Warden

Saturday and Sunday were good days if you were a bird hunter because dove were flying everywhere. On Sunday morning, dove appeared as “fast flyers” as they rode the coattails of the south wind. An extra amount of gun lead was needed to place birdshot way out in front of these tiny projectiles.

I’ve noticed sandhill cranes are beginning to make their way down from the north now. Several groups were observed last weekend after hearing their familiar krooooo, krooooo, krooooo sound. Hopefully this is a sign cooler weather is on its way. Flocks of teal have passed us by for better food/water reserves further south. I know once they flew over Lake Somerville they took one look and kept going.

Sunday was the last time for me to put my patrol boat in at Birch Creek State Park. Even though it remains available, it’s a little more difficult unloading/loading by myself. It has approximately one and one-half foot of water out to approximately three feet until the middle part of the lake. As for the rest of the lake, its beginning to arise out of the depths like the legendary lost city of Atlantis. For a good idea of what everyone’s been talking about, go to You Tube and type in Lake Somerville Drought. A nine minute video which was taken all around the lake gives a good example of what exists.

Call me at 979-540-0194 or victor.gonzales@tpwd.state.tx.us for more information.

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