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Lexington’s City Budget Exceeds $3 Million for the First Time

$1.8 million more needed for infrastructure repair

The Lexington City Council adopted a balanced budget for their fiscal year October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012, at their regular council meeting on Wednesday, September 14, 2011. For the first time, the City’s budget exceeds $3 million. The City Council held public hearings prior to the budget being adopted.

The approved budget totals $ 3,160,352, an increase of $228,649 from the previous year’s budget. Most of this increase is due to the fact that the current year budget includes a sewer improvement project, which is estimated to cost $619,000. A Federal grant of $250,000 will be received this year to fund part of this project. The budget is balanced with a projected surplus of $29,085.

The council adopted a tax rate of $.4609 per $100 valuation, which remained unchanged from last year’s rate. The certified appraised values dropped from $43,087,281 to $42,294,196.

The General Fund budget has projected expenditures of $837,361, which is down $47,514 from the previous year’s budget of $884,875. The General Fund budget includes $40,000 budgeted for street repair and $20,000 budgeted for a sprinkler system at the park. Also, the budget removes costs associated with the animal control officer, as these duties will be assumed by the police department.

The Utility Fund has projected expenditures of $ 2,322,991, which is up $301,163 from the previous year’s budget of $ 2,021,828. This increase is primarily due to the planned sewer improvement project. In addition, funds have been budgeted for the purchase of a used bucket truck and a used pole truck.

The Wallace Group, the City’s engineering consultants, have identified more than $ 1.8 million worth of estimated expenses on needed repairs to the City’s water, wastewater and sewer infrastructure. An estimated $900,000 of that is needed in order to keep the City in compliance with an agreed order from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The recommendation is for all of these repairs to be accomplished within the next two years. None of the costs of the Wallace Group’s recommendations are included in this year’s budget.

For more information on the Wallace Group’s proposed future projects, see the Public Notice on page A2 of today’s paper.

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