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Bluebonnet Agrees With Texas Forest Service on Cause of Bastrop Fires

“Bluebonnet has seen the report prepared by the Texas Forest Service and is reviewing its conclusions,” said Mark Rose, Bluebonnet’s chief executive officer. “We, like everyone else, have had investigators in the field attempting to determine the origin and cause of the fires. Our investigation also shows that trees blew over and fell into the power lines.”

“Based on the information we have to this point, we believe high winds caused large trees to fall from outside of our rights-of-way and hit overhead power lines at the Charolais Drive and Schwantz Ranch Road locations, as referred to in the Texas Forest Service’s report. We agree with the report regarding the Charolais Drive location that shows a tree fell from well outside our right-of-way into our power line and appears to have started a fire.”

“At the Schwantz Ranch Road location, a professional survey of the area by our investigators places one tree well outside our right-of-way. The other tree that may have contacted our lines was apparently moved by a bulldozer during firefighting efforts. Its location prior to the fire is undetermined.”

“This fire was due to many factors. The extreme drought and high winds allowed the fire to start and quickly spread into the heavily forested areas affected by the fire.”

A lawsuit was filed against Bluebonnet Monday by victims of the Bastrop fire.

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