2011-09-22 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Well, Texas proved me wrong. I did not feel the Horns were that strong, but they made the change like A&M did last year. The team immediately responded and has started to gel. Coach Mack could have made the change last season, but would not.

Elgin has really started the year off strong after an embarrassment last season. Three of their varsity players are playing for Lexington and they still are undefeated.

The Lady Eagles are getting all the tough teams early and on the road in the district season. They will play better at home and know how to play the opponents.

Some financial heavyweights like Drayton McClain, Mark White, Phil Hardberger, and Red McCombs have stepped up appealing to the schools to continue the Big XII. “What we have as a conference is not only worth fighting for, it’s worth waging peace for.” I agree. Who wants to drive to points unknown when we can drive just a few miles to see a quality sporting event.

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