2011-09-22 / Sports

Eagle JV Suffers Tough Loss

by Mark Strain

Jamyon Scott, Lexington Eagle JV member, is seen with a goal line defense block. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Jamyon Scott, Lexington Eagle JV member, is seen with a goal line defense block. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. With two losses for the night, Lexington JV stepped out and kicked off to Navarro. The Panthers took 7 plays before scoring their first points. 6-0 Navarro. Lexington’s first possession stalled causing them to punt the ball back to Navarro. Navarro took the ball and was able to score again with a pass play out in the right flats making the new score 12-0 with less than a minute in the first. Lexington took the next kickoff and started their offense as the first quarter ended.

At the beginning of the second, Lexington stalled again punting the ball away. Navarro recovered the punt on the 25 yard line but got pushed back ten more yards for a penalty, making it 1st and ten on their own 15 yard line. The first play went 85 yards for another Panther score. Then new score was now 20-0 with 8:04 left in the half. Lexington started a drive but punted again. The return on the punt got the ball back to Lexington’s original line of scrimmage. Navarro then went the distance passing, scoring again, making the new score 28-0 with 3:14 left in the half. Lexington took the kickoff and started a fresh offensive march, including a nice 26 yard run up the middle by QB W.E. Meuth. The offense stalled and Navarro took over ending the half with Navarro still leading 28- 0.

Lexington took the kickoff at the start of the third quarter. Lexington’s offense started moving backwards and eventually punted with a 4th and 25 yards to go. Lexington’s defense stepped up and held Navarro, forcing a turn over on downs on the Lexington ten yard line. Lexington’s offense was only able to generate 6 yards before punting back to Navarro, ending the third quarter.

In the fourth, Navarro sustained a drive capping it with a 17 yard pass to increase their lead to 34-0. Lexington took the kickoff and with time running out, they began an aerial attack that went for three plays before being intercepted by the Panthers on the Lexington 29 yard line. On Navarro’s first play the running back went up the middle, jumping the pile of bodies, taking it the distance to score again. 40-0 with 7:02 left in the game. The score stayed the same until the end, with neither team being able to score again.

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