2011-09-22 / School

From the Superintendent of Schools

Frances M. McArthur, Ph.D. Lexington ISD

As families devastated by the recent Bastrop fires returned to their neighborhoods last week, interact students were propelled into action to raise money for those in need. The swift and compassionate response of our students for those in need is heartwarming. Certainly, they have learned from a community that collectively wraps its arms around any community member who is suffering. I want to thank all of our staff at all three schools who have donated money and much needed items for those struggling in Bastrop; and I want to commend Kaylie Clare-Sherman, Raquel Hernandez, Jorden Kelley, Reagan Johnston, and Gregory Willrich for spearheading the student led effort of support for those who sustained damage or lost their homes to the horrific fire.

The Texas Education Agency released the Performance Based Monitoring Analysis or PBMAS report last Thursday. This document reports annually on the performance of school districts in selected program areas such as English as a second language, career and technical education, special education, and certain Title programs under the No Child Left Behind Act. Lexington ISD’s results in every indicator evaluated is outstanding and shows a significant improvement over previous years. I am very proud of Debe Akin, our Special Education Director, our principals, and our entire instructional staff for the gains accomplished.

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