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Stabbing Incident at Giddings State School Under Investigation

A stabbing incident at the Giddings State School has prompted a criminal investigation. Superintendent Stan DeGerolami told the Leader this week that, while he can’t give any specific information due to the ongoing investigation, he considered what allegedly happened on September 4 a very serious incident and after learning about it, he called the Office of Inspector General to prompt the investigation. The Office of Inspector General was established for the purpose of investigating ( 1) Crimes committed by Texas Youth Commission employees, including parole officers employed by or under contract with the commission; and ( 2) Crimes committed at a facility operated by the Texas Youth Commission or at a residential facility operated by another entity under contract with the commission.

Allegedly, on September 4, around 4:15 in the afternoon, a female Juvenile Corrections Officer (JCO) was attacked by one of the youth incarcerated at the facility. The JCO managed to get her assailant into a headlock, but allegedly still suffered several punctures after being stabbed with a pen during the incident.

It is unclear what may have provoked the attack.

The Giddings State School is a part of the Texas Youth Commission, the state’s juvenile corrections agency, and currently houses 300 youth. In June of this year, the state closed three facilities and transferred some of the displaced youth to the Giddings operation.

According to Superintendent DeGerolami, the Giddings State School has a JCO to youth ratio of 1 to 12. According to DeGerolami, the 1 to 12 ratio has been mandated for about two years, following a Senate Bill that passed and allocated sufficient staff to maintain that ratio.

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