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Lexington JV Succumbs to the Bees

by Mark Strain

Allen Junek (64) and Cameron Janda (55) pressure the Academy quarterback. 
PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Allen Junek (64) and Cameron Janda (55) pressure the Academy quarterback. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. The Lexington JV Eagles came into Thursday night’s action against Academy with 1 win and 1 loss. The JV is a proving ground for freshmen and a source of sophomore replacement parts for the varsity. From week to week the team dynamics shift due to injuries and varsity call ups, but over all the heart and drive for JV success remains solid.

Lexington kicked off to start the game, but kicked out of bounds, giving Academy the ball on their 30 yard line. Academy made several first downs driving the ball down the field, converting third and long and fourth and long plays. The Eagle JV buckled down, including a good open field tackle by #3 Jamyon Scott and finally holding Academy, causing them to turn the ball over on downs on Lexington’s own 11 yard line. Lexington mounted a running game, advancing the ball about 20 yards, before punting back to Academy.

On Academy’s second possession, the Bees scored the first points of the game 6-0 Academy. The extra point kick was bobbled, but passed to a receiver out in the flats, where #33 Walt Green tackled the runner short of the goal. #38 Breyland Chism took the Academy kick off and returned it 20 yards to get Lexington started. With Lexington’s second possession, the ground assault began again, using a lethal combination of #45 Tyler Page, #44 Lechea Cooper and QB keepers. This combination of ground game took us to the end of the first and right on into the second quarter. With the ground assault going, the Bees bunched up, finally stalling Lexington’s drive and forcing a punt. The punt was a short kick and hit an Academy player in the helmet on the way down. An alert #6 Andrew Lane pounced on the ball, giving it back to Lexington on the Academy 18 yard line. The next series of plays had five straight runs up the middle, with #44 Lechea Cooper capping it off with a 1 yard touchdown run. The score was 6-6. On the 2 point play conversion, # 45 Tyler Page trapped left and powered his way over the Academy defense to score. It was 6-8 Lexington with 4:49 left in the second.

Lexington kicked off to Academy, then sent the defense out. On the first play up the middle, Academy fumbled and #2 Noble Little came up with the ball for Lexington. The referee on the far side came running in saying the Academy player’s knee was down, allowing the Bees to maintain possession. The Eagle defense led by #50 Miles Hannigan and a powerful body slam to the ground, stepped up again, holding the Bees, forcing them to punt. For the rest of the half it went from Lexington to Academy, until the last seconds of the half, when Academy attempted a long pass that was dropped by the QB. The ball was picked up by the biggest lineman on the field. Both teams had a momentary stunned pause before the lineman started lumbering down the field and was gang tackled after makinga4yardgain. Bothteams headed off the field laughing and grinning when the referees started blowing the whistle saying Academy had called a time out with one second left. The boys were back on the field for one last, long Academy pass that got knocked down by #3 Scott, ending the half with Lexington ahead of Academy 8-6.

The start of the third had Lexington receiving the kick off and starting at their own 25 yard line. The Eagles went back to the ground game, chewing up yardage before Academy held, forcing a punt. Academy in turn took the ball and with a combination of passing and finally a 30 yard run up the middle, scored, changing the score to 12- 8. The extra point conversion failed. Academy lined up to kick off to Lexington and tried a high floating on-side kick that was recovered by Lexington’s #33 Walt Green. Lexington tried the ground game again, but after 3 plays gaining only one yard, # 51 Kevin Page stepped in to punt the ball away. The ball was snapped to Page and instead of punting, he pulled it down and threw a pass out into the flats to a wide open #3 Scott who took the ball 25 yards before being tackled on the Academy 38 yard line. In the next series, a penalty and 3 plays later, Lexington was punting the ball after gaining negative yards. The third quarter ended with Academy mounting a drive.

In the start of the fourth, the Free Safety, #1 Corey Strain, stunted up the middle, catching the Academy player for a 25 yard loss. On the next play, #75 Jason Dube put pressure on the QB, causing him to throw the ball into the ground putting Academy in a punting position. Lexington took over, but quickly punted it back after a 3 and out series. Academy took over and used three running plays, including a 60 yard up the middle run, to score again, bringing the new score to 18-8 with 4:35 left in the game. Academy kicked off and Lexington returner started up signaling fair catch, only to watch the ball sail over his head and be caught by the deep back. The signal caused the ball to be dead where it was caught. Lexington started the drive passing. Lexington was moving the ball down the field converting first downs when #6 Andrew Lane caught a pass over the middle for a touchdown. #45 Page went over the left side for the conversion, making the new score 18- 16 Academy, with 2:15 left to play in the game. Lexington lined up for an on-side attempt with #10 W.E. Meuth doing the honors. The kick went 13 yards, but was covered well by Academy. Academy took the ball, shaking off about 5 tackles, and went 45 yards up the middle to the Lexington 9 yard line. After the Academy ball carrier had made it through all but the last of Lexington’s defense, Coach Muhl could be heard running down the side line yelling, “Let him score!!” He did on the very next play, up the middle making the score 24-16 after a failed extra point attempt. The play left the clock showing 1:46 in the game. Coach Muhl explained that if Academy had been stopped or if their coaching staff had schemed well, they may have taken a knee to run out the clock. Instead, by letting them score, Lexington was going to get the ball back and still had a chance. Academy kicked off and #1 Strain returned it 20 yards to start the last drive of the game on the 50 yard line. The first play of the drive was an incomplete pass, but on the far side a flag was thrown as an Academy lineman was on the ground kicking at #50 Miles Hannigan. The Bee was taken out of the game and the ball was moved to the Academy 38 yard line with a new first and 10. The last series of plays wasa0yardgainbyMeuth,along9 yard run by Page, an incomplete pass anda3yardgainbyMeuth,tomake it a new first and 10 on the 25 yard line with 41 seconds left. The line quickly snapped the ball and spiked it into the ground stopping the clock. A false start and illegal motion had Lexington at 2nd and 20 with 33 seconds left. An option to #6 Lane was good for a few yards, but forced the Eagles to take a timeout with 3rd and 11 to go and 24 seconds. On the next play Meuth dropped back and threw a pass that was intercepted by Academy, effectively ending the game 24-16 Academy.

While the score goes down as a loss, the JV played a really good game and they had the fans yelling, screaming and cheering to the end. JV Eagle football action continues next Thursday evening, September 15th in Lexington against the Navarro Panthers.

Mike Organ writes, “Lexington lost to the Bee JV 24-16 Thursday night. Lexington got some good offensive performances from Tyler Page with 15 carries for 51 yards. Jamyon Scott caught three passes for 35-yards. W.E. Meuth accounted for a big part of the offense as he quarterbacked the team. He either ran or passed for 94-yards.”

“Defensively the young Eagles were led by Corey Strain with five tackles. Cameron Janda had four for the JVers. Getting credit for three tackles were Jamyon Scott, Samuel Meza, Andrew Lane, Allen Junek, and Jason Dube. Others getting tackles were Hunter Wilson, Kevin Page, Tyler Page, Gabriel McMahan, Walt Green, Jacob Moreland, and Noble Little.”

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