2011-09-15 / Police

Lexington Police Report

By Chief Jerry Bowden

Hello again from your Chief. I am pleased to report continuing progress by your police department as our two new rookie police officers are making their way through their field training program with us. Officer Scott Gaskamp and Officer Dontrell Nurse are progressing smoothly through their training and exams under the watchful eye of Capt. Yarbrough. They have successfully passed all phases of their state appointed firearms qualifications courses and are well into their street orientation training. Their field training will be completed within the next few weeks and they will begin patrolling our streets on a continuous 24 hour per day basis at that point.

We owe many thanks and a huge debt of gratitude to our Sheriff for his very generous assistance to our City during these past several months. His deputies have provided continuous service to our City during the months when we had no police department, and then during these months when I was interviewing, hiring, and training new police officers to serve our City. Thank you Sheriff Meyer!

A few items of police activity are noted as follows: Captain Yarbrough and his Officers in training continue to issue traffic citations on Hwy. 77 in order to slow down the traffic during school zone hours. The safety of our school children is our highest priority. Another priority is that of being concerned about our neighbors. Please remember in your prayers our friends in nearby Bastrop County who have suffered severely because of the wild fires there this week.

September 2, 4: 40 pm Capt. Yarbrough and Officer Gaskamp responded to a call of a suspicious person at the Lexington High School gym. He checked OK.

September 2, 7: 00 pm Lexington Officers worked security at our school’s football game.

September 4, 6:30 pm Capt. Yarbrough and Officer Gaskamp responded to a call of criminal mischief in the 1000 block of Cherry Street. Report filed.

September 4, 7:45 pm Capt. Yarbrough and Officer Gaskamp investigated a call for service at the CEFCO Store where an elderly lady slipped and fell, injuring herself. EMS was dispatched also to care for her and she was transported to a hospital in Rockdale for further care.

September 5, 10:30 am Chief Bowden, Capt. Yarbrough, and Officer Gaskamp, assisted by the Lee County S.O., escorted the funeral of a local Lexington citizen.

September 8, 9:28 am Chief Bowden, Capt. Yarbrough, Officer Trainee Gaskamp and Officer Trainee Nurse responded to CR 1340 in response to a man who was injured when a tree fell on him. EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital with injuries. We responded to this call because of the emergency nature of the incident and the potential for serious injury or death.

Progress Note: Chief Bowden has completed researching and rewriting the entire Lexington Police Department Policy and Procedure Manual, General Orders, and Department Directives in order to provide a framework for the internal restructuring of the Police Department into a more efficient and effective law enforcement agency for our City. It will be submitted to our Mayor and City Council as soon as possible for review and approval.

Progress Note: Chief Bowden has revised and approved the Police Officer Field Training Program in order to establish a professional Law Enforcement

Officer Training System for our Police Department, and this program will be taught and administered to each new officer by Capt. Yarbrough. The Chief has selected and approved this specific training program because it will guarantee uniformity in the continuity of training on a standard basis.

Progress Note: Chief Bowden has approved the installation and implementation of a new reporting database system for the Lexington Police Department called “Report- Exec- Professional” by Competitive Edge Systems. This has now allowed your Police Department to be completely modernized in its filing of reports, cross indexing of information and suspect data, tracking of training, duty, and patrol hours, shift assignments, evidence intake and disposition, the generating of case numbers for criminal complaints, tracking of all citations issued and all incidents investigated, trespass warnings issued, BOLO’s (be on the look outs) issued, daily activity reporting, field interview contacts, UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting), tracking and accounting of all equipment issued, the listing and cataloging of all standard operating procedures, establishing and maintaining a digital media reporting database for crime scene photos, suspect photos and citizen injury photos, as well as personnel disciplinary actions taken and citizen’s compliments and commendations recorded.

We are your police department and we are here for you. We solicit your support, your prayers, and your friendship as we serve and protect you in the City of Lexington.

Also, we ask that you please join us as we take a moment to remember the victims and the families of the 9/11 attacks.

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