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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

RE: Mr. Bettes,

The reason for my letter is: our horn (by the way, our horn prefers to be called by its given name, which is “horn” and not —loud noise maker—). And, by the way, Mr. Bettes, we are not the only team with a horn. Some have horns that are much larger and louder than ours, and all are welcome at EAGLE stadium. EAGLE fans are not intimidated by others’ horns. For instance, recently, Blanco brought their horn. It’s a “big” horn, one that any train would be proud to toot. No complaints.

You said we are unsportsmanlike; eager to celebrate our opponent’s misfortunes. You misunderstand. Our horn celebrates the success and accomplishments of our EAGLE players, by giving them a little “toot-out.” Take comfort in knowing our horn was not “intentionally” directed towards your fans and we did not “toot” our horn to disrespect Smithville’s players/ fans. As EAGLES, we demand good sportsmanship from our players and fans, both on and off the field.

Mr. Bettes, have you considered ice skating? I ask because I think you may be too sensitive and football is too rugged for you. Ice skating, on the other hand (now there’s a sport) draws a fan-base that is more docile. I assure you no one in an ice skating arena will point a loud noise maker in your direction and “toot their horn.” Alas, problem solved.

Good luck in your hunt for a winning season this year.

Ann King, Lexington, Texas

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