2011-09-08 / Sports

Sports Thoughts……

by Mike Organ

Well, Texas is beginning to suffer from their greed. Not many of the cable companies will show the Longhorn Network. The other schools exploring to leave the Big XII, like A&M, is destroying the conference. Texas then must find a conference that will take them or be an independent. They are the big dog in the Big XII, but in any other conference, they would be one of the boys.

The Eagles found a running game and the defense improved dramatically in a week. The team is coming together. The running game is the important part of the equation because it gives the defense time to rest and to make adjustments.

The Lady Eagles will start district play Friday before the Eagles play Academy in football. Your sports calendar is full on Fridays.

It seems the uniform issue has been taken care of by the school. Thank you for not letting it get to be a big deal.

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