2011-09-08 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

August 29, 2011

Deputy Rudolph responded to a medical call on PR 4484. A caller reported that his brother had fallen and was unable to get up. B&M Ambulance transported the subject to the hospital.

A motorist reported that some calves were out on FM 180. Deputy York responded and ran them off the road and into a pasture.

Deputy Liles, Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin responded to a disturbance on Hillard St. in Lexington. A complainant reported that her father would not allow her to take her children and leave. The situation was resolved.

A truck driver reported cows out in the roadway on FM 1697. Deputy Skinner was dispatched and advised that the fence was down. He was able to run the cattle back and mended the fence the best he could until the owner could be notified.

August 30, 2011

A complainant reported that she just moved into a house on CR 223. This morning she noticed that someone had kicked in her garage door. Deputy York took a report and the investigation continues at this time.

Bastrop County called and requested assistance in locating an orange Honda that was last seen heading to Lee County. A complainant reported that the driver stole new light fixtures from a church in McDade. Bastrop County advised if the vehicle was located, to identify the driver and take possession of the light fixtures. Deputy Carvin stopped the vehicle in Giddings on Hwy. 290 and identified the driver, but advised that there were not any light fixtures in the vehicle.

Deputy Skinner spoke to a caller from San Antonio who requested a welfare check on her juvenile son that was staying with his father. She had attempted to call him several times, but no one answered the phone and she was worried. The child was home safe and sound.

A complainant called and reported that his nephew took some money out of his pocket while he was sleeping and he wanted to file charges. Deputy Skinner spoke to all parties involved and the matter was settled. No charges were filed.

A motorist reported that she hit a calf that was in the roadway on FM 696 @ CR 305. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Skinner responded to the call. There was no noticeable damage to the vehicle and the injured calf was released to the owner.

August 31, 2011

A citizen reported that a tanker truck was traveling down CR 125 and was dumping salt water on the roadway. Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the truck.

Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Liles were dispatched to a motorcycle accident on FM 696 @ CR 401 in Lexington. The driver was reported to be breathing but unresponsive. A helicopter transported the subject to the hospital.

Chief Deputy Lapham, Captain Gonzales, Deputy Ray, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Crockett responded to a call on CR F in Lexington. A complainant reported that her neighbor was running around her yard naked wearing a dog collar around his neck. She advised that he was known to have weapons. Subject was located and transported to Austin State Hospital by Deputy Ray.

A complainant called and reported that someone was on his property knocking on his door and knocking on the side of his house on CR 405 in Lexington. Deputy Kahn, Deputy Rudolph, Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin responded to the scene. The property and residence were searched but deputies did not find anyone.

Milam County requested assistance in locating a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was described as a black 2006 Ford F150. The truck was stolen from a residence and direction of travel was unknown. Deputy Liles, Deputy Rudolph, Deputy Skinner, Deputy Kahn and Deputy Carvin searched for the truck.

September 1, 2011

A motorist reported that several cows were out on FM 1697 near CR 125. Deputy Rudolph was dispatched and he removed them from the roadway.

Deputy Ray responded to a burn ban violation. A warning was given and the fire was put out.

A citizen reported seeing heavy smoke that seemed to be coming from CR 121. Deputy Ray, Captain Gonzales and Constable Kothmann searched for the fire and found it. The Dime Box Fire Department was dispatched to put out the fire.

Deputy Allen spoke with a citizen about a theft of her social security check.

A complainant called and reported that his wife would not let him leave the residence and he wanted to. Chief Deputy Lapham, Captain Gonzales, and Deputy Ray responded to the scene. Upon arrival, the complainant had already left the scene.

Deputy Rudolph checked on a vehicle that was sitting on the side of the road for a couple of days. The vehicle was secured and off of the road way.

Deputy Kahn removed a donkey from the road on CR 133 near CR 116.

Deputy Allen was unable to locate a vehicle that was reported as broken down on Hwy 77 just north of Hwy 21.

Deputy Rudolph responded to a burglar alarm on Hwy 77 in Lexington. Everything was secure.

A citizen reported a cow out on FM 1697 near the Washington County line. Deputy Kahn removed the animal from the road.

September 2, 2011

A call was received stating that his girlfriend wanted him to leave and he didn’t want to go anywhere and they were arguing. Deputy Kahn and Deputy Rudolph responded to the call and were unable to locate the address that was given.

Deputy York assisted the Lexington PD and the Giddings Animal Control officer in catching a loose pit bull in Lexington.

A complainant called to report a disturbance between two females at the Lee County Court House. Chief Deputy Lapham and Captain Gonzales responded.

Captain Gonzales removed a cow from the road way on CR 118.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin responded to a gun fire call. The shooters said they were done shooting for the night.

A citizen reported that a man was walking in the north bound lane of Hwy 77. Deputy Liles was unable to locate the subject.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin assisted TX DOT with traffic control on Hwy 21 at FM 1624 while TX DOT fixed the lights.

Received a call about a fight on CR 430. Caller reported that they were having a party and a couple of people started fighting. Deputy Skinner, Deputy Carvin and Deputy Liles responded to the

scene. One of the subjects was removed from the party and taken home.

Deputy Liles completed a welfare concern at the Bullpen without incident.

September 3, 2011

A cow was reported on the road on CR 405. Deputy Crockett responded and removed the animal from the roadway.

Dispatch received a call about a neighbor’s goats coming onto his property and he wanted to know what he could do about it. Deputy York called the complainant back and gave him information.

Deputy Carvin and Trooper Weiser assisted Burleson County with a pursuit on Hwy 21. The pursuit ended just west of CR 114.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin checked out a complaint about some kids riding four wheelers at the Lincoln Community Center. There was a party going on there and upon arrival the four wheelers were being loaded back up.

Deputy Liles responded to a loud noise complaint at Shady Oaks. Deputy Liles spoke with two different residents and advised them to turn down the music.

A report was taken by Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin about criminal mischief when somebody was doing doughnuts across the street and some rocks flew up and broke his windshield.

A cow was out on CR 411 and was put back into its fence by Deputy Liles.

September 4, 2011

A caller reported that someone broke out the front window of a store next to Botts Title Company in Lexington. Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin took the information.

Burleson County called to report that somebody called them and advised that they saw two flares go up near Hwy 21 and CR 400. Deputy Crockett responded but was unable to locate anybody needing any assistance in the area.

Deputy Crockett was unable to locate a reckless driver on Hwy. 21.

Deputy York responded to a gas smell on CR 114. He notified the pipeline company and they reported that they would send somebody out to ensure that nothing was leaking.

Deputy Crockett removed two cows from CR 118.

A motorist reported a cow out on Hwy 77 north of Lexington Deputy Crockett was unable to locate it.

Deputy Allen removed a large tire from the road on Hwy 290.

Deputy Allen responded to an assault at the Giddings State School. The information was referred to their Office of Inspector General.

A citizen reported that a cow was out on CR 118. Deputy Skinner and Deputy Carvin were unable to locate the animal.

Jail Count: 09/04/2011: 49 Males: 38 Females: 11 The Lee County Jail had 1403 inmate jail days in population and 56 inmate jail days in holding. The Lee County Dispatchers received 326 calls for service for the month of August. September 11th is the 10 year reunion of planes crashing into the World Trade Center. May we never see a terrorists attack on our American soil again. “We will not forget.”

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