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August 29, 2011
By Victor Gonzales, Lee
County Game Warden

Not much happening right now as we await the beginning of a new hunting season on September 1st. I’ve been busy completing background investigations for the next game warden training class, so I don’t know if any doves are flying around.

Best bets will be around water holes that still have a little water, maybe something adjacent to a plowed field or one that has been lost to the drought. As always, know what time sunrise and sunset take place to ensure you’re not hunting during illegal times.

Not much we can do about deer corn prices so I’d recommend cutting the feeding time back a little to try and conserve. Deer are hungry right now so they know to be back once the source is depleted. The use of protein blocks and/or alfalfa serves as another food source hunters might want to try; besides, it’s packed with more nutrients, which is what deer could use right now.

Lake Somerville continues to drop and news from the Corps of Engineers’ office in Somerville is that if remaining ramps close down, the lake itself will remain open. If people want to carry their flat bottom boats or jet skis to the water’s edge, they may do so. The ramps will be off limits to vehicle traffic. This leads me to reiterate something I’ve said several times over; it’s illegal to drive in the lake bed. On Saturday I watched as a young man drove onto the lake bed at Welch Park and hit a sinkhole. The use of a wrecker was out of the question so when I left, he was steadily digging out with a shovel as his passengers baked in the sun.

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