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Home Country

by Slim Randles

They started coming by early in the evening.

Annette George was first. After seating herself in the fairly-new green overstuffed chair in the fly-tying love consulting room, she confessed to Marvin Pincus that she needed some advice on fixing her hair to attract men.

And while Marvin was tying up a March Hare dry for her (and trying to think of a hairdo that would look good) the doorbell rang again. This time it was Mrs. Doc, and she was given coffee by Marjorie in the living room as she waited her turn.

In a few minutes, Annette emerged from the consulting room with her fly and the recommendation to try a “flip thing” on her hair. The doorbell rang before Mrs. Doc even got to tell Marvin about the problem she was having getting Doc to listen to how her day went.

When Mrs. Doc came out with a smile and a hug for Marvin, she was carrying a wire-wrapped Woolly Worm and his suggestion that she dangle a cup of coffee in front of Doc while asking him if he’d like to hear how her day went.

And in the living room, being served coffee and cookies, were Anita Campbell, Mickey Baker, Florencio Ortiz and Steve the cowboy.

Marvin stood there, smiling, and asked who was next. The next day, four more people came by for advice and flies.

“You know it’s funny, Marge,” said Marvin, helping himself to seconds of her flank steak dinner, “I never figured Len Beasley for a Baetis Parachute Emerger. Goes to show, you just never know, do you.”

“What makes Len a whatchamacallit, Dear?”

“Oh, I couldn’t tell you that, Marge. Patient confidentiality and all that stuff, you know.”

“You sure have had a lot of advice business lately. It’s good to see that.”

Marvin put his fork down and smiled. “It’s been great. Kinda all of a sudden, too, wasn’t it?”

“I believe the word got out about your problem with the county, Hon. The town wants you to know they support you.”

“I couldn’t be happier if I were an Egg-Sucking Leech on a number six.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

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